Ok Here’s a Contest for Y’all: (From Tim Case)

Dear Industry Movers and Shakers…

Below is a list of the nearly 50 adult stars who were invited to the 12th Annual Nightmoves Adult Awards Show and Caravan of Stars, taking place this year in Tampa from September 16-20.

As we all know, adult stars can be notoriously unreliable, and each year Nightmoves Magazine suffers through 5 or 6 last minute cancellations, usually for a variety of farfetched and unverifiable reasons.

Your mission is to choose five adult stars from the list of talent below (ALL of whom have confirmed that they will be in attendance)…five personalities that you feel are likely to “flake” on this year’s show. Extra credit will be awarded to those who supply the appropriate excuses which will be made by the flaky no-shows.

The person with the highest rate of accuracy in prognostication will get a free autographed copy of the soon-to-be-published industry memoir from Tim Case, “How I Spent Five Years in XXX and Never Made a Dime”.

The Potential Flakes…

FELICIA FOX (confirmed 02-05-04)
RON JEREMY (confirmed 02-06-04) – Metro Contract Star
SELENA SILVER (confirmed 02-09-04)
LAYLA~JADE (confirmed 02-13-04)
STEPHANIE SWIFT (confirmed 02-17-04)
JESSE JANE (confirmed 02-24-04)
REGAN ANTHONY (confirmed 03-31-04)
MIKE SOUTH (confirmed 04-01-04)
LISA SPARXXX (confirmed 04-30-04)
ANN MARIE (confirmed 05-10-04) – Metro Contract Star
KELLY ERIKSON (confirmed 05-10-04) -Metro Contract Star
DARLA CRANE (Monday Show only) ? (confirmed 05-11-04))
ALEXIS AMORE ? (confirmed 05-11-04)
DAYTON ? (confirmirmed 05-12-04)
DEVON MICHAELS ? (confirmed 05-23-04)
BRIDGETTE MMONROE (confirmed 06-06-04)
KARINA (confirmed 06-07-04)
AUSTYN MOORE ? (confirmed 06-08-04)
VANDALIA (confirmed 06-117-04)
ELIZABETH STARR (confirmed 06-17-04)
AVY SCOTT ? (confirrmed 06-22-04)
MARI POSSA ? (confirmed 06-22-04)
PAT MYNE ?? (confirmed 06-23-04)
STORMY ? (confirmed 06-23-04)
LORII ALEXIA ? (confirmed 06-30-04)
OLIVIA O’LOVELY ? (confirmirmed 06-30-04)
VICKY VETTE (confirmed 07-12-04)
RYAN CONNOR ? (cconfirmed 07-14-04)
GINA LYNN ? (confirmed 07-14-04)
SEKA ?? (confirmed 07-14-04)
HANNAH HARPER ? (confirmed 07-14-04)<
RIO MARIAH ? (confirmed 07-14-04)
AURORA SNOW ? (confinfirmed 07-14-04)
ASHLEY LONG ? (confirmed 07-19-04)
MONICA MAYHEEM (confirmed 07-19-04)(cancelled 07-27-04)
CHARLEE CHASE (confirmed 07-20-04)
JENNA JAMESON ? (confirmed 07-23-04)
VICTORIA GIVENS (connfirmed 07-29-04)
BELLADONNA (show only) ? (confirmed 07-29-04)
KRYSTAL STEAL (confirmed 07-29-04)
ASHLEY LYNN (confirmed 08-03-04)
LEXI LaMOUR ? (confirmed 08-04-04)
JEZEBEL BOND ? (confirmirmed 08-04-04)
KATIE MORGAN ? (confirmed 08-10-04)
ARIA ? (confirmed 08-12-04)
JACK SPADE ? (confirmed 08-12-04)
BECCCA BRATT ? (confirmed 08-12-04)
CARMEN LUVANA ? (confirmermed 08-16-04)

Feel This:

Robbie Williams writes about it in his new book “Feel”, he begs an unnamed girl for onscreen sex while shooting his music video, where he reportedly is in bed with two porn stars. Well here’s the scoop it was one porn star, and I have it from very reliable sources that the porn star was none other than Jesse Jane, the other girl was an unknown. The music video was shot about a hear an a half ago.

Jeremy Steele Writes:

I read somewhere that you referred to me as a homicidal maniac or something. It seems you were referring to something you misread, when I self-mockingly compared myself to Lexington Steele. I never came up with the idea that I was a loon. Quasarman started that, other people jumped on board, who probably are loons themselves, so I thought I’d just, in fun, do the same. I assure you I’m fine. But regardless, since you don’t know me, I’m sure it makes no difference to you.

Jeremy Steele

Sorry Jeremy, your name hasn’t graced the pages of this site in a long long time. maybe you and Sports Stalker or whatever his name is should just fucking learn to READ….Then y’all would actually know what I wrote and what I didn’t….Imagine that concept.

Crickett Writes: (About My Absecne)

It’s funny, but when I see you’re gone for a few days and not updating, I just automatically asusme that you’re out fishing. Either that, or you’re paralyzed with laughter at whatever b.s. is going on in the adult world. Even Kaige IM’d me the other day, “What’s up with South? He fishing or what?” I allowed that that was probably the case.

Good to have ya back. Always nice to have another point of view to draw from.

God there is something about a chick named Crickett ya gotta love, Well Crickett the truth is out read below.

Pete Writes: (About my Absence)

I was concerned but I thought maybe you & Adella had flown out to Vegas and eloped!!

Actually You are closer than you know, I wasn’t REALLY Fishing, that was just my excuse. I was going to use the headline “Don’t pay the ransom I escaped” but I wasn’t being held for ransom….exactly. You see Devon’s goon squad actually did find me but Devon had only paid em 20 bucks, they were really working for someone else. After a valiant struggle they tied me up and transported me to “da boss” which turned out to be Adella. Next thing I know I wake up in Vegas, in the parking lot of the Little White Chapel, where I am being prepped for the Elvis Wedding Special. I hear Adella near by saying I am ready to nest and I can’t do it with Robbie D or Jewn so South is it then she says now someone go get me a Captain, Diet, Tall with a squeeze…..


12960cookie-checkOk Here’s a Contest for Y’all: (From Tim Case)

Ok Here’s a Contest for Y’all: (From Tim Case)

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