Model dude Writes:

Hope you had a good weekend. I read the site today and so the update. The good news, you got laid as many times as I did in Los Angeles.

So in the big scheme of things, whether you are a model or you have a big weenie, you always end up two girls short of a three-way……when put like that, it doesn’t sound like the odds are too bad for a three-way.

Anyways brother, hope you had a good time with her and the festival was fun.

Talk to you soon brother.

I did actually she is a way cool girl and a sweetheart….

Scandal in The Feature World:

Imagine that…fixed pageants, extortion missappropriation…hell they fit right into porn…anyway click here for a yuck or 2

Heather Writes:

OK South spill it, how did the weekend with tall and hot go, was she as disappointed as you expected, did she see the big weenie?

Sigh…..she spent the week with a male model and whether she did him or not, I never had a chance, the moment I picked her up at the airport it was in her eyes….the lust that manifested itself in chat vanished in thin air. I know I set myself up for that one and even if I had been packing a keilbasa it wouldn’t have mattered.

Ya we had fun, but not that kinda fun.

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Model dude Writes:

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