Mobility Is Important

You don’t really realize how important your mobility is to your mental health until it’s gone.  Even though I have a wheel chair ramp now I still cant get out of the house because there’s a step from the front stoop up into the house. So until they bridge that step Im still stuck in the house, leaving me at the mercy of friends to get me in and out.

I pee into a bottle and my kitchen sink does duty as a sink and a bath, obviously I cant drive.

Now I’m not bitching just kinda making notes….someday one of you may be in a similar situation….I hope not but ya never know.  You start out watching a lot of TV but that gets old, as I have said.  Ditto surfing the net.  I should probably use this time to write more but I don’t feel much like writing.  Depression is peeking around every corner it seems and the pain meds are inviting because they seem to make things happier.  I’m off them though, never been one to take meds I don’t need.

On the positive side I had started back smoking because of the long hours at the club when the orthopedic specialist told me smoking would add weeks to my healing time I quit again…3 plus weeks and not going to start back.

Im taking the vitamins, eating healthy and trying to stay positive, it’s tough though but I have done tough things before so…..

One way I look at it is this week on Fri I will be 1/3 the way to starting physical therapy to walk again.

To those of you who have emailed me wishing me well…THANK YOU  it may not seem like much but it does mean a lot….when yer alone its good to feel connected.

Saw The doctor last week, got new XRays said so far so good…still in place  if it stays that way…no surgery. I go again in a month on Dec 13th,  Tha’s the one that will tell the most, by then they should be able to see some healing.

OK I will try to write more….

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Mobility Is Important

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