Megan Makes A Customer

[ This is part two, part one is Oct 22, you really should read it first if you haven’t already]

It’s a moderately busy Friday night.  Prime time in a strip club, particularly one that caters to the business crowd.  Megan is sitting at the bar nursing a drink and idly chatting up a regular. She watches the guys come in.

She spots a middle aged guy come in with two of his buddies, the guy is immediately noticed because she can tell just by watching him that he isn’t a strip club regular.  She looks him over, obviously a white collar guy maybe middle management, his attire is nice, well kept, not sloppy and not expensive either. She makes a point to look at his shoes, she knows that’s a big giveaway. They aren’t outrageously expensive but they aren’t cheap either, two hundred dollar range. So far, so good. watches, jewelry all that stuff can be fake and even if it isn’t a guy that can afford a ten thousand dollar watch isn’t what she is fishing for, and this is a lot like fishing.

Megan is twenty one, tall – around 6 feet in her stripper heels, maybe five seven or eight barefoot.  She has very fine naturally straight hair that falls to her mid back. The color is a very light brown bordering on blonde, she has highlights and low lights that accentuate the fine, well kept hair.  Her features are German, her eyes are very light blue and her complexion is flawless, she doesn’t wear a lot of make up, she doesn’t have tattoos and she doesn’t have, or need fake breasts, her natural 36 Ds are flawless and hang perfectly.  She wears nice attire that doesn’t scream stripper.  Matter of fact stripper is the last thing she wants to look like. Megan cultivates the pretty girl next door look.  The I’m real new at this whole thing and I really don’t even belong  in a strip club look.

She waits until the party sits down and orders a drink, then she approaches the table and introduces herself talking first to his two buddies  but then focusing her attention on him. He says his name is Barney. She smiles pleasantly and asks if it’s OK if she sits next to him.

She gets the attention of a passing stripper named Jade and introduces her around and Jade  starts working the two buddies for drinks and VIP dances.

She strikes up a conversation with Barney asking him if he has ever been here before. The question is a qualification, his answer of no I’m just here because my friends drug me in here because I spend too much time at work, tells her that she gauged him correctly, he isn’t a strip club regular. She tells him she hasn’t been working here long, she is new to dancing and has a hard time with it because she just can’t do the hard core hustle like Jade is doing with his friends, says it just isn’t her. Her look doesn’t betray her, she doesn’t even wear the same 50 dollar a pair stripper heels the other girls do, hers are a little more expensive and are more of a wedge design than the standard spikes, stylish but still sexy enough for the club. She asks if he is married, it isn’t that she cares but it helps her play the game.  He tells her he is divorced. He is visibly nervous around her but obviously trying to maintain his cool. She has qualified him, so far he fits.

When Megan speaks, she does so softly and with feminine inflection. She doesn’t talk ghetto and she doesn’t try to sound smart she tries to sound feminine and just slightly, vulnerable.

She talks a little about herself but only as a prelude to getting him to talk about himself, she never asks him to go to VIP. He likes talking about himself and she seems genuinely interested, and she is, he is telling her everything she needs to know about his net worth. His hobbies, his kids, where they go to school, his work, everything.

Eventually he asks her about a dance and she acts a little shy then takes him to VIP and tells him it’s twenty bucks a song and that she thinks thats a little high but they have cameras in there and they make sure she isn’t undercutting the other girls or anything. She tells him he can pay afterwards.

She has already qualified him, she knows he has the money.

Her dance isn’t a hardcore strip club grind. It’s practiced uncertainty, a little bit clumsy like an amateur. After the song is over she reminds him that if she keeps going its another twenty dollars and she doesn’t want him to think she is the type that would keep dancing and then hit him up for a hundred dollars  five songs later.

He fishes in his pocket and removes a twenty from his wallet, she notices there’s plenty more where that came from, along with credit cards.  He gives her the money and at that precise moment, defines the terms of their relationship, from that point forward.

Megan has poked a hole in Barney’s wallet.

She goes back to the table with him and continues to talk, and listen to him until it’s time for him to leave. She tells him not to leave yet to wait just a few minutes until she returns.

She goes to the dressing room and writes her cell number down, then she returns to the table and slips it into his hand, telling him, I’m not supposed to do this but you aren’t like the guys who usually come in here, this is my number, please call me. Then she hands him the pen and a small post it note and says can I have yours too? He is feeling a lot better about himself and his buddies are taking note that he has the attention of probably the hottest girl in the club, and even though he hasn’t spent fifty bucks on her all night she has spent hours with him. Now here he is giving her his number, his buddies will later tell him that she won’t call and when he says she gave him her number too they quickly decide she gave him the wrong number.

They would be wrong on both counts, her number is real and she will call him. Megan didn’t make but seventy dollars including the tips she made during her mandatory on stage appearances, but she made something far more valuable.  Megan made a customer.

Next – Megan dials a date.

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Megan Makes A Customer

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