It Makes Me Glad I Am Not God

I am not a God

I was recently flying over what on election night, the analysts call “fly over country”.  It was night time and I was staring out the window and “gathering wool”, as my grandmother used to call daydreaming.

We were flying over a large city, my gut told me it was Denver. I began thinking, I am looking down on everyone in that city.  Some of these people are having the best day of their lives,  they won a large sum of money,  they are consummating a long pursued love, reuniting with a loved one….So many things happening at that very instant.

Others are having the worst day of their lives, they lost someone dear to them, they are confronted with financial ruin, they had an accident that has them in more pain than you and I can imagine, or some other circumstance that has them in mental anguish that far surpasses physical pain.

And everything in between.

According to the latest Gallup Polls about ninety percent of Americans believe in God.

Nine out of ten of these people I am looking down on are crediting God for their current situation, be it bad or good.

If God knows all and sees all, I think how difficult it must be to be God.

Makes me glad I am not God.

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It Makes Me Glad I Am Not God

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