Lorenzo Lamas A Dick?

It was funny really. We were shooting at Dragon Con here in Atlanta all of this weekend. It was a field segement for a show that will be aired on network television. As luck would have it the Producer/Director of the Segment lived in Florida, West Palm to be exact and his flight up here was cancelled. He couldn’t make the drive in time and Dragon Con wasn’t going to be rescheduled, so now, lil ole me, the Field Producer of the segment, becomes the Producer/Director. Now Dragon Con is a big show, bringing in 30,000 or so attendees from all over the world. They also bring in some “celebrities” to sign autographs. One of my tasks was to get as many celebrities as we could on camera. There were only a few who were recognizeable to me June Lockhart, Lorenzo Lamas, Dr Demento, Margot Kidder and David Carradine.

Carradine never showed, June Lockhart had contractual obligations preventing her from appearing on camera. All of them were nice though…Except Lorenzo Lamas. The overblown ego was a complete prick and he wasn’t any nicer to the fans who wanted his autograph. Of course you probably recognize the name like I did but stop and think about it a second…what was he actually IN?

I went to IMDB and found out that almost everything he was in was a dismal failure. He directed a few ovies that were even more lackluster than his washed up career. This is a guy who desperately needs any publicity he can get yet he acts like he is superior to those who ultimately pay his bills? No wonder he can’t even get a gig on Hollywood Squares…Now he is just a no talent has been who doesn’t even have any looks anymore. Welcome to your well deserved exile you fucking prick…..

The Segment went really well though and we had a blast filming it. The people at Dragon Con are the real story. I will try to post a few frame grabs tomorrow if I can, without upsetting those who hired me to shoot it.

Olivia Was A Surprise:

The pin up artist Olivia was there as an exhibitor and what a pleasxant surprise that was. She was the anti-lamas. She was pleasant and gracious and just plain extremely nice. I even bought a copy of “Let Them Eat Cheesecake” and she signed it for me. Can’t say enough nice things about Olivia. Just goes to show ya I guess…people who are actually talented are nice.

Oh Yes And Adella Has Assured Me:

That Island Fever is an ongoing series and has not been discontinued. Cool….The last one was shot in Bora Bora, Tahiti and Antelope Valley. Wonder where they are gonna take me. The Galapagos might be cool but I’m guessing that isn’t where it will be…I hear the fishing in Belize is fabulous. but I’d rather go somewhere in the Pacific.

Devan Writes Over at Hardcoregossip:

“Mike South Dot Com, a porn gossip site which regularly features insider scoops into Digital Playground, including digitally altered pictures of publicist Adella, alongside spurious accounts of industry happenings, scathing opinion pieces, and some of the worst spelling and grammar seen to date in the business, seems to be another victim of the latest rash of hurricane action to hit Florida”

Ok Devan, you get paid for doing that little Metro fluff site of yours. I don’t. This site is free and if I don’t feel like spell checking it or hiring an editor or whatever…well deal with it…it don’t cost ya nuthin…You want good grammar and spelling it’ll cost ya 2.95 a day. How bout that…..Besides you understand it right? Well there ya go….But giving the boy his due, the bit with me Jesse and the catfish on CNN was hilarious


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Lorenzo Lamas A Dick?

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