JULIE RAGE is coming!

Julie Rage contacted me tonight, she and Greg Steele are good friends and even though they live here I haven’t heard from Julie in a while so this was great. What made it even better is that she wanted me to shoot her for her website www.julierage.com. AND there’s going to be some hardcore boy/girl AND she wants me to be the guy…cool. Stay tuned for some pics, but the hardcore will be for members only! Check out Julie’s Site! Here’s her letter and a picture…to get ya thinkin about it ! Not to mention ME!

I really think we should shoot together I need hard and u need hard but not as much as I do and I know you can get the job done :0) and
you don’t have to buy me a drink before hand lol so you can put that in your update!

ps and you will need do a facial darn ;0P

2910cookie-checkJULIE RAGE is coming!

JULIE RAGE is coming!

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