Its Nice To Be With Friends

Believe you don’t really appreciate your real friends until you sometime in your forties at least, then the older you get the more important they become to you.

I don’t have many close friends in Atlanta, I don’t hang out anywhere really and I guess I never made close friends with any people I worked with pre-porn, I simply didn’t have anything in common with them, I was good at what I did but I wasn’t into the whole “Corporate culture- extended family” bullshit.  I had to work with these people and the last thing I wanted was to spend my off time with them at company functions, most of them I despised. Which is why I fit in well at NASA they appreciated the kind of gunslinge, independent get the job done and have your own life attitude. But even there it was fading fast.

When I look back on it now I see that’s why I was so drawn to porn. People in porn are fiercely  independent.

So getting here to Dayton is always such a fine experience for me, I have friends here, lots of them, they are always genuinely happy to see me, they ask when I’m coming up or when I’m coming back, not because they want anything, most of them don’t, they simply enjoy my visits.

They have no idea how good that makes me feel, and it’s 90% of the reason I come up.  I even spent my 50th birthday (December 26) up here, I didn’t shoot I just came up to be with my friends. I have a few friends in Atlanta I’m really close to but its different.

They all mean a lot to me, more than they will ever know.

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Its Nice To Be With Friends

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