It’s Never “My Fault” Is It?:

Over the weekend on her KSEX Show Pornchick Kylie Ireland related a story about how she got busted and had to go to court for shooting without a permit. She ended up with about a 1000.00 fine and 2 years probabtion. Here’s what she had to say:

Ireland said she was pissed off for having let the security guard in in the first place. “We were really cool to him and it’s his fault that I got this ticket.”

Umm sorry Kylie it wasn’t “his fault you got the ticket.” It WAS YOUR FUCKING FAULT because you didn’t comply with the law and get the required permit. When you shoot without a permit that’s a risk you take….If you don’t like it then you can either get the required permit, not shoot or take your chances, you did and you lost, but don’t blame someone else for your fuck ups. You don’t like the law…you are a citizen…get it changed. Otherwise comply with it or break it but don’t blame someone else if you choose to do the latter. A real Director is responsible for whatever happens on his/her set. Suck it up buttercup…

I’m Batting 1.000 in 04:

I had one release and it got one nomination…cool! As in years past I am honored to be nominated. I want to thank the folks at AVN and you the viewers and everyone who voted to nominate me. Thank You!

I Didn’t Make the Hall of Fame:

But I want to congratulate those who did, specially Serenity, my friend and my partner in novelties! There’s only one name who made the Hall of Fame that I would argue with…But I won’t… Congrats to all.

I’m Gonna Be In South Florida Tues thru Thurs:

Hope it’s warm, I miss warm weather…..

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It’s Never “My Fault” Is It?:

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