It Was A Long Week Even Though It Was Too Short:

I spent the week in South Florida…West Palm Beach to be precise and I worked…HARD. There’s some pictures that follow this. I can’t yet say what it is exactly that I worked on but I do feel compelled to thank some people for their tireless efforts. This is a little personal so bear with me…in the coming month or so it will all start to make more sense.

First I gotta thank Mark Nakamura, he is the guy that put it all together and the grand vision was his from day one you are an amazing dude Mark and incredibly talented in so many areas.

Second I have to Thank Aaron Wells, who made me look WAY better than I have a right to. Your patience and impeccable planning were so crucial in making this work you have forgotten more about the finer points of your craft that anyone in porn (myself included) ever knew.

Next comes a whole bunch folks, Tim Case, Felicia Fox, Donna, Jesterz, Jeff, Dave…A better bunch of people I have never known, you all worked tirelessly to make our vision come to life and you did it because you are my friends and I love every damn one of ya for it. Donna your special touches touched my heart. Words cannot express the appreciation I have for all of you.

The band, Debbie, The fluffettes, the line dancers, the folks at Renegades and all the folks in WPB who helped…Thank You!

Photos compliments of Jeff….


15140cookie-checkIt Was A Long Week Even Though It Was Too Short:

It Was A Long Week Even Though It Was Too Short:

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