I’m in South Florida!

I arrived a bit early for InterneXt and I’m glad I did there are some HOTTIES here for me to shoot, keep watching over the next few days for photos of some of them, also there will be LOTS of show pictures, a few select ones will be posted here but members will get them all.

Hi Julia Dames!

A travesty:

Ok you guys need to get out and vote in that most do-able poll….Tera is actually LOSING to Mark Kernes. Adella is in the lead with Samantha running a close second. This verifies what I always thought…us guys also like brains to go with our beauty and it’s obvious from her witty responses to me that Adella has brains….hell I bet she even knows who Dick Cheney is.

Props out to my buddy Gijit!

The Gij hooked me up with a killer condo right on Hollywood Beach with a 5 star view of the Ocean all for a pittance for the week…way under 100 bucks a night! Thanks Gij you rock baby!

Jim Gunn is the White Devil!

If yer in South Florida and you would like to shoot contact me at [email protected]

If yer here for InterneXt find me and come say hello!

Thanks for reading me y’all, I mean it! I love this job and without you guys, I couldn’t do it so believe me when I tell ya I’m grateful!

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I’m in South Florida!

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