I Told her She Could Have The Last Word And I’m Gonna Honor That:

(And This is the end of this thread)Here is a response you can post :

What you have done to me has not raised awareness about genital warts in porn. What you have done is destroyed my image and severely affected me and my career. I have NEVER worked KNOWING I have an outbreak of any kind. I may have worked when I had a yeast infection that I has thought had subsided. When and where did this happen, none of your business. I may have had issues that I wasn’t aware of until talent had pointed something out and instructed me on how to take care of it. These types of issues should stay on set. I was working a few months ago and I noticed that my male talent had 5 HUGE FRESH herps on his cock. With puss and everything. I asked him what is that? He said uh, I don’t know. Of course, I said I couldn’t work with you. He was sent home, another guy showed up and I did my scene. Was this headline news? No. Did I ever mention the guys name and the story to anyone, no. Because that is how things like that are dealt with in porn. Today, there are several porn stars working with an outbreak. Knowingly or not knowingly. It is a fact of this business. You get treated and go back to work.

And what “frequent” complaints have been made about me? I have worked just about everyday since I’ve been in the business. I am adored by many many directors and talent. It is not news that STDs are profound in the adult industry. You are accusing me off intentionally working with people when I have a STD outbreak and that is not only false, but slanderous. You are affecting me as a person, not Hillary Scott. Hillary Scott is a porn star. I am not just a fuckhole in a picture or in a movie. My name is Amanda, I am real person with real feelings. My eyes are practically swollen shut from crying for 3 days. I can not function I am so upset.

The girl I had a problem with the other day on set has contacted me and is apologizing for this even happening. She does not understand why this is happening, why this is a news story. Why is she understanding and you are not?

I will not be ostracized by an industry for having problems with my vagina when it’s the industry that gave me the problems in the first place. There is your fucking story. Do a story about lack of education for new female talent about the risks involved with doing porn. That is the truth, me INTENTIONALLY working when I shouldn’t is not.

Again, what you are accusing me of is causing emotional distress, defamation of character, invasion of privacy, and you are affecting my business. You should really consider taking my picture and name off your site.

-Hillary Scott

Hillary Cries Foul:

This whole thing has actually gone on a lot longer than it should but if it raises awareness about this issue then it’s done some good. Hillary thinks that I have singled her out and the truth is both yes and no, she became the poster child so to speak because of frequent allegations of her working when she shouldn’t be and that is what triggered the photo being sent to me.

She has since emailed me several times about so and so having a herpes outbreak and all that….the point is that so and so isn’t working during the herpes outbreak and there aren’t photos of it.

I think it’s rather safe to say that Hillary will be a bit more observant of her condition from here on out.

But the fact is Hillary was just the catalyst, if you refused to work with anyone who has an STD at any given time within the 30 day testing cycle the clowns at AIM use there are precious few performers who could work.

Fact is a very high percentage have HPV and HPV is as potentially deadly as HIV. You see HPV (genital warts) is known to cause cancer of the uterus in women. So what? Right? only chicks have a uterus….at least it won’t affect someone valuable to porn like Lexington Steele….

And lets face it y’all, there is SO much porn being shot and so many guys shooting up their dicks and what have you…is it any surprise that STDs run rampant, particularly those like Chlamydia, which guys generally just carry.

So don’t beat up on Hillary or anyone else with an STD….unless they try to work with you during an outbreak.

I’m In Ohio This Week:

Seeing my friends Tim and Felicia Fox (more like family really) and shooting some corn fed strippers, I love Dayton and apparently Dayton loves me!

I Still Have The Touch:

Last year I shot some scenes for a friend and they got released on DVD through a small start up company. They didn’t have me in them, they didn’t list me as director, nothing….And they got AVN Award Noms!

Now I know how Steven King felt writing as Richard Bachman, It validated that it isn’t JUST my name….Feels Good too!

Next week I’m in Toronto, hosting a charity Christmas Party in conjunction with TERB thebluepages and AOV TV, along with others. Info coming soon

or get it at thebluepages

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I Told her She Could Have The Last Word And I’m Gonna Honor That:

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