This happened the last day in Miami but it’s the most significant to me. I woke up Saturday morning never dreaming in a million years that I would ever even consider a tattoo.

As Felicia Fox was giving me a pedicure (bring it on JimmyD) It was suggested that I had a “nice back” and that I should get a shoulder tat. Paige was all for it, Tim Case was his usual quiet reserved self.

Fifi said you should get something that means something to you, she said “You like to fish” and Paige said “and you like pornchicks”

My mind immediately pictured two stripper like girls riding a blue marlin. Then it clicked that they should be Fifi and Paige. At that point I knew I was going to do it.

I wanted to do it Sunday on the show floor in Nick Sabatinos booth.

I shot a girl about a year or so ago and remembered that her old man was a very accomplished and respected tattoo artist, I called her.

She explained to me why getting a tat on the show floor was out of the question (health code stuff, permits etc.) But said that Jason would keep his shop open for me Sunday night and he would do it there. I agreed.

All My closest friends were to go with me. Aaron, Donna and Jared were going to video tape it for me in HiDef. (Time lapse). Tim was there for moral support, Fifi and Paige there to model tits and whatever else was needed to ake the girls look like them.

Shawna came to see us all.

Now I never had a tat before and I only had a vague idea of what I wanted, When I arrived at the studio


I explained to Jason what I wanted and in less than 5 mins he freehanded it onto a white page of paper.

(These are frame grabs from the Hi Def Video…click for full size amazing quality under the flourescent lights in the studio, no additional lighting, photoshopping or anything. The camera is the new Panasonic HiDef.)

When I saw it, I was hooked…this was it…only change I wanted was make the legs symmetrical.

Jason went to the net and downloaded and printed the picture of a blue marlin so that he would get the colors perfect.

he starts work as the girls (Felicia Fox and Paige) Give me inspiration.

Drawing it on

It’s drawn

At this point Paige looks at Fifi, who looks back at Paige, worry in their eyes…Paige doesn’t want me to see it but they are thinking OH SHIT thats a BIG ass tat for a first one, South is in trouble..But the size is necessary to get the detail needed.

Getting started, Paige laughs as I say you mother fuckers lied…this hurts!

Tim Case says “Dude you don’t Get a Tattoo, you Earn it”

So I’m Earning My Tat

Everyone asked did it hurt? What did it feel like?

Honestly it hurts, kinda like sticking pins into a sunburn, some areas hurt like bee stings and others don’t hurt at all, It’s a bit annoying more than anything but listening to the rock and roll playing and talking to my friends was a great distraction.

Jason really does do amazing work and he is quick too.

About 2 hours later I’m done. Jason said “Dude, you got some balls, That’s a big tat for your first time out”

The redness will go away and over the last 24 hours the colors have really popped out! Paige and Fifi are excited about being a part of me forever!

The swelling has now gone, as has the redness and the colors have really popped out nicely. Paige and Felicia are honored to be spending the rest of my life “on my back” and I couldn’t be happier with the work, It’s me and it’s appropriate that they are the girls on there, they are both like family to me and I love them dearly. Tim Case is “proud to have my old lady on Mike South’s back”

I can’t say enough good about Inksters Tattoo and particularly Jason Lawson. If you are going to get inked and are or will be in the Palm Beach Florida area I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Jason. Everyone told me that it’s important to have a real artist do your work, now I know why.

Stop in to Inksters Tattoo at

505 Northlake Blvd
North Palm Beach, FL


Ask for Jason and tell him Mike South sent ya!

Extra special thanks to my man (and good friend) Aaron Wells he did the video and the frame grabs. Aaron and Donna are like family to me as well!

And that was the cool part…having all my closest friends right there Thanks Tim, Felicia, Paige, Aaron, Donna, Jared and Shawna

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