Hot Times In Dayton

Lindsey Lovehands came up a few days after I arrived and we did have a blast. Lindsey is just such a little cutie and her and Fifi made quite the pair as you can see.



 The highlight of the trip came when we all went out to the Air Force Museum and Wright Pat AFB. OhioFlyboy met us out there and gave us a tour that very few people will ever get. OhioFlyboy  knows his stuff, having authored and/or photographed over 30 books on military aviation. He has photographed every plane there it seems and probably all of the people who flew them. His personal experiences with the aircraft and the people who flew them added far more to the experience than would otherwise be attainable. I owe OhiFlyBoy a HUGE thank you for taking a day away from his busy schedule to give us this rare treat, and I highly recommend the Air Force Museum to anyone, it’s an amazing experience.


And as usual hanging out at Flamingo Showclub was pretty much the entertainment most nights.tim runs a good club, it’s rock and roll, clean, no ripoffs and most importantly, fun.  He has some cute girls and a rock and roll staff, I consider all of them to be my friends. I miss them already. If yer in Dayton check the place out, it’s on North Dixie just south of Vandalia, tell em I sent ya and get in free.

One guy I don’t ever see much of in Dayton anymore is my old pal Dirty Bob, used to he was the only guy i knew there but he doesn’t seem to be able to get away as much as he used to, he hasn’t even been to a shoot in ages.  He usually drops in the club a time or two though, it’s always good to see him.

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Hot Times In Dayton

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