Guns N Rosies

A Friend sent me this sticker…I love it! It’s now on my truck as you can see.

OK You Traitors….

Austyn Moore Writes:

Your not doing very well on emails, for you anyway! A lot of emails saying, “South gets laid enough, how bout’ me!!” You can sure tell who your friends are or aren’t. LOL

Oh well, guess I’ll see you at the AVN’s unless something comes up before that. Thanks again and I’ll keep in touch.

—-Luv Austyn

Just Damn Y’all….I thought y’all were my friends….and now everyone is trying to cock block me…So here goes if y’all don’t start sending letters SUPPORTING me I’m gonna post pictures of ME here…in all my naked glory. That oughtta do it….

Thanks to Karina from

For having me on her cam show today…it was off the hook, she is hot as fish grease and a way cool chick! Maybe I shoulda had Austyn check that out….

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Guns N Rosies

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