Ground Control To Major…..

I was checking email last week and there, hiding amidst all the Viagra ads and Eastern European girls who want to meet me because Im such a nice guy  and the rest of the spam is this one:

“Hi Mikey!

You had better write me back at XXX  or I will have to kick your tail back to Cocoa  Beach. If there is someone else reading your  mail you had better tell Mikey that Suze from  KSC, LSDN is getting back in contact with  him…he will want to know!!! Remember when we  dressed up as dice?!! OK, a few more…Kevin,  John and Merrilu! You had better write me back  or I will have to send pics of you being a  major NERD!! LOL. I was thinking of you…ok and  porn…and looked you up. Look how old we are  now! Wait, I can see how old you are but I  still look GREAT!! Lol. You still look like  Mikey to me…Miss your smile and humor.


That one got me, I haven’t heard from my friends there in more than 15 years and here is Suze outta the blue. We used to hang out a lot, parties at my beach house, good times indeed.  She mentioned dice, that was a Halloween Party, we decided to go as dice, so on a lunch break me, Kevin, Suze and John all went up to the VAB and got 2 appropriately sized cardboard boxes, painted them white, stenciled the dots on them and cut  holes in the 1 and 6 sides for our heads. just like real dice we added up to 7 from top, bottom, left, right, front and back.  The cool thing about that costume that we didnt realize until the party was how practical it was…there was always a place to sit your drink. Everyone called us “loaded dice”  Suze said she will find me pictures of us, that would be a riot.

I do miss working at the Space Center, some of the best people I have ever known there.

26350cookie-checkGround Control To Major…..

Ground Control To Major…..

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