Got this from Julie Rage:

Hi Mike,
Read the nice post on your site about us. You too
were fun to work with. That was indeed the hottest
scene, love your nasty pillow talk, you are a world
class pussy licker :0) and the skin on your penis is
so soft and kissable.

Love you

The pleasure was indeed mine Julie!

Julie Rage has done it!

Julie Rage has shot her first hardcore boy/girl in years. She looks just as good, if not better than she ever did! She and I shot together this past weekend. There’s full on boy/girl, the biggest facials she has ever gotten, theres foot fetish stuff and lots more. You can also catch her live on her webcam. I will have some pics here for everyone in the next day or so and my members will see the hardcore in the coming weeks. To see everything check out her site

On a personal note I can’t tell you what a pleasure it was to shoot with Julie, she is sexy and fun and just damn….what a body!

3030cookie-checkGot this from Julie Rage:

Got this from Julie Rage:

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