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Time Wounds all Heals:

About a year and a half ago I was emailed through classmates.com by a chick I used to hang out with in high school. Her name was Delisa, I had always liked her, she was cool and she was, at least as I remembered her, a hottie. Her email alluded to the fact that she was trying to reach me to inform me of the death of a mutual friend. I had not heard from Delisa in over 25 years.

I immediately emailed her back but never got a response, I tried a few more times, still never got a response. I figured she saw my sig and wanted nothing to do with me now that I’m in porn, That happens sometimes but I wouldn’t have figured it from Delisa, we were always the counter culture type, thats why we hung out. Who knows. I quit trying to email her.

Until last night, when on a lark and over 18 months later I tried one last time. This time she answered. Somehow she had never gotten the original emails I had sent. We had a zillion questions for each other.

It’s weird to speak with someone who you knew as a teen, over twenty five years after you last spoke with them. Old memories flood back. I found out that one of my high school friends, Russell, had been found hanging from a tree in the woods by two deer hunters about 2 years ago, it was a suicide. It brought back a flood of memories of Russell, an avid outdoorsman who went into the army right out of high school. He loved camping and being outdoors. It seems in the end depression got the better of him.

Delisa married another of my high school pals, a guy we all called Odie, Odie was a genuine badass, hell most of us were, we fought for sport and I don’t mean boxing, I’m talking drag racing and gang fights. At least Odie and I grew out of it, or so it seems.

Odie and Delisa live near where we all went to school, they certainly seem happy and Delisa was surprised at my choice of vocation but was not judgemental. I never thought that she would be, she just wasn’t the type, but I had no idea why she never answered my emails…now I know she never got them.

Some days you wake up and your life just plods along with all the days blending together each one, more or less just like the last. Then somedays something very small happens and it ends up having a big impact on your life, if for no other reason than it reminds you of so many things long forgotten, so many people that had just slipped from memory, yet at the time they all seemed so important.

I expect to have dinner with them soon, I expect to become re-aquanted with others whom I have long forgotten, including Carla…my high school sweetheart who now lives down the street from Delisa.

Whats weird is that some of them, like Carla, I am apprehensive about seeing again, because it will forever change the way that I remember her and maybe that shouldn’t be changed, whats weird is that at the time she was 3 years younger than I, and that seemed to be a huge huge difference, I was 18 I could drink or anything else I wanted back then, I was an adult. she was 15, it was almost scandalous. Now I am almost 46 and dating two absolutely beautiful girls who are 19 on a regular basis. Carla doesn’t seem so young anymore, but I will lay odds that both the 19 year olds are far more sexually enlightened than Carla is.

My heart goes out to Russell, I just can’t imagine him that way, in my memory he was always happy and laid back.

I guess time really does wound all heals.

9940cookie-checkGone Fishin…..Updates from Kernes and others coming tonight.

Gone Fishin…..Updates from Kernes and others coming tonight.

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