Goin to California, With an Aching in my Heart:

But it only aches because I’d rather be fishin….cept for the date with Jesse Jane part…Anyhow I’m coming out so if anyone wants to invite me to cover a shoot or whatever email me I won’t beat up on ya or nothing, and I will give ya free PR.

Did Ya’ll Hear That Collective Sigh Today?:

That was the Republican Party sighing with relief when Nader announced his candidacy, that takes a way votes from Democrats, and many think it was a deciding factor in Gores loss last time around.

Kiki D’Aire Kills it and Grills It:

Thats Kiki and her fiance’ with a hat-trick of wild boars killed on Ted Nugents Ranch. Apparently Kiki is a good shot….who knew?

The great white hunter Kiki with her trophies…hey Kiki send me a hind quarter!

11750cookie-checkGoin to California, With an Aching in my Heart:

Goin to California, With an Aching in my Heart:

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