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“I got a kick out of Stern saying that Clear Channel Radio is “…so afraid of me and what this show represents.” I’m wondering what that would be exactly. He gets people on the show and constantly talks over them, demanding to know intimate details of their personal life, whether they want to talk about it or not. He comes on to every chick he has on, and then he treats women like they’re nothing more than “things” which he will deem worthy or unworthy. He’s an ego stroker to the good looking women and the not so good looking women are treated like trash. Who the hell cares if he got kicked off some stations, Pburgh included. Personally I wish Howard had to stand naked before a roomful of chicks who could say whatever cruel things they wanted to about his body. What the show “represents”…give me a fucking break. It’s interesting that Stern should be allowed to do/say whatever HE wants, yet his bosses should not have the same freedoms.
Personally I think if the radio stations feel the dj’s are getting out of control in daylight hours, they only have themselves to blame. After all, who wouldn’t get out of control if they knew they could say whatever they wanted and somebody ELSE had to pay the fine??”

Now I gotta give Goddess some credit here, she is pretty much on the money. I have long contended that Stern is no friend of porn and when Stern gets fined he doesn’t pay a dime, Viacom pays it. I’m not saying Stern shouldn’t be allowed to do what he does, he absolutely should be, just as I can choose, as an advertiser whether or not I want to advertise on his show. If you don’t like it, don’t listen.

First Hustler, Now Disney:

Have signed licensing agreements witrh Acacia.

I’m Going to Channel My Inner Madam Cleo Here:

And predict that in six days you can read about what happened today over on AVN.com. Remember back on Friday when I had a mikesouth.com exclusive about Digital Playground being on the front page of the New York Times…..Its AVN’s lead story, TODAY…..Six days later. Come on guys, why bother?

Tonights my Big Date, OK My Second Big Date:

Taking Jesse Jane to her second premiere party, you will get the scoop here.

First Bubba, Now Howard Stern:

It’s not quite the same, Bubba lost it all, Howard lost all of his Clear Channel affiliates. But guess what I actually support this one, the reason is not that the FCC forced Howard off the air, in this case Clear Channel decided that they didn’t like Howards portrayals of Blacks and females and they have every right to decide to drop him from their channels. It’s fine for the market to run him off, it’s not fine for the government to do it. IMHO this is just Clear Channel doing what people in porn should do, and that is self control.

Many Thanks To Playboy Radio!:

Farrell, Tiffany Granneth, Julie Ashton, we had a great show on XM Radio yesterday. Thanks to them and everyone at Playboy, I had a BLAST!!!

Click here for L.A. Pics Part 1

Bubba the Love Sponge Loses his Show:

Nationally syndicated radio shock jock Bubba the Love Sponge has lost his Tampa based show, a reuslt of the FCC cracking down on shows with sexual content in prime hours. Bubba can still be heard on XM Radio but that’s it. This should serve as a wake up call, this administration appears poised to take on our right decide what we think is right for us. Think about that come election day.

Gay Marriage, Some Thoughts:

This seems to be a big issue right now, everyone has an opinion on it and I can even understand everyones reasoning. I think the church has every right to refuse to perform gay marriages, I do not think that a gay couple should not be allowed to marry, if they choose to do so. I may even say that the church is wrong not to condone it because I believe that by and large gay people are born gay and they are Gods children and personally I kind of think that God is OK with it. BUT the church certainly has every right to decide this issue for themselves, it should not be legislated for them on any level.

Now where I REALLY get upset is with George Bush using this as a wedge issue, for starters as far as the federal government is concerned this should be a states right issue untill the Supreme Court makes a decision otherwise, more importantly this should not be a “constitutional amendment” as Bush is pushing for. First of all I think that its going to be a tough sell, a constitutional amendment requires a two thirds majority of both the house and the sentae as well as ratification by at LEAST 38 states. This would take a minimum of 4-7 years. So what we have is George Bush clinging to an issue that is terribly unimportant in the grand sceme of things, it may be an emotional issue but there are much more important issues for President Bush to be spending his energy on, he needs to focus on the job we put him in office to do and stop fucking around with election year grandstanding.

Playboy Radio Today at 4:00 pm PST:

I will be on Playboy Radio (XM Radio station 205) Today at 4:00 PM with Tiffany Graneth and Julie Ashton, I tried to bring RobbyD in with me but he is a wuss. For all that rough and tumble image he has he is awful shy. Anyhow y’all listen in if ya have XM Radio!

DPTonight Goes Completely out of Control:

It turned into a power struggle between me and Jesse Jane, it was a blast, we play well off of each other. Adella said I was overbearing and it was perfect and she wishes I lived in L.A. so I could do the show more often. It was all Jewn could do to keep from murdering her before she could finish the sentence.

Honestly, as much as I have bagged on DPTonight it was a lot of fun, and a lot of you guys tuned in and I appreciate it! Props out to the guys and chicks at Mercer University in Atlanta who tuned in, Y’all Rock! Thanks to Pete Pelletier, Jesse Capps at www.rockconfidential.com, Morgan, JMT, and everyone else who emailed in and busted my chops.

And mostly thanks to the DP folks for having me on, specially Jesse Jane and Devon!

there will be pictures from the show later today!

Speaking of Later Today:

I am about 15 minutes from going to shoot my Las Vegas Novelties Promo shots, so I am outta here!


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Goddess Writes on Her Site:

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