Genes tarot read On Me, How Did He Do?

I was rather amused with this and decided to give Gene a heads up on how accurate he was…My assessments are inline.

“Gene Ross from and writes: In wrestling circles manager Jimmy Hart was always known as the mouth of the South.

In porn circles it’s Mike South. South who’s directed amateur lines and runs a well known website, was born on December 26th making him a Capricorn.

South’s claim to fame this year was his pivotal role in bringing down Porn WikiLeaks.

Folk born this day possess a determined and serious nature. When they’re focused, they’re relentless. They’re also ambitious, career-oriented pragmatists, but their overconfidence and authoritarian nature tends to set people off.”

This is correct for me, but gene has certainly known me long enough to know that about me

“Even so, they play their roles as social and political gadflies very well.

December 26th Capricorns retain many childhood friendships and generally make excellent agents, corporate layers, accountants or business managers. Health, however, is a big issue with them as they’re prone to headaches, backaches, upset stomachs and sleeping disorders.

That’s because they’re natural born worry warts, and, more often that not, those health issues stem from that stress.”

I eliminated stress from my life years ago, i never had headaches, backaches, upset stomachs or sleeping disorders.  My spinal surgery never manifested as a backache, it was symptomized by drop foot.

“Money and acquiring lots of it also plays a central role in the lives of December 26 Capricorns. They’re pretty successful at that, but, romantically, finding the right person proves a difficult challenge for them. And so they generally find disappointment in this area of their loves.”

I would say this is true, for me.

“The “draw” card in South’s reading is The Magician. This is that person with the uber self-confidence and overbearing nature we were talking about. There’s nothing in the world they’re not capable of achieving. Or, at least in their minds.

They have the mental skills to excel in almost any area of endeavor. This is also the man or woman that’s usually first in their academic studies, and they continue that course through adulthood.”

This was/is for sure true for me. I generally don’t consider myself that much smarter than anyone else, I am just driven to learn things that interest me.

“They never give a second thought to failure probably because they’ve faced very little of it. It’s pretty near to impossible to knock The Magician in the Tarot deck off the lofty perch which he has established for himself.

In bones of contention they usually pick the bone to begin with and have to have the last say in any argument.”

I have failed at many things but I keep trying, that’s just life

“South’s Magician card is aspected by “Temperance”. Nature is telling him to slow down and is perhaps sending him warning signs. In the physical arena, this card foretells a possible rotator cuff injury.

The Temperance card also describes someone who sees everything in black and white and refuses to budge or give concessions.”

Well at 54 your body has lots of ways of telling you to slow down, believe me, as for rotator cuff…unlikely  I have good upper body strength, on the other hand there is a real good chance I will need knee replacement in the relative short term, the broken leg did a lot of soft tissue damage to the knee area and that is a concern for my orthopedist.


“The Temperance card together with The Magician may also describe past relationships in which one person was giving more than another. It’s the Magician who’s the taker in these relationships. South may also have his hands full dealing with a bunch of troublemakers right now.

[Assuming that he’s still managing a strip club.]”

Dead on the money but being the skeptic I am I would call that a common sense assessment for anyone running a strip club. ( I am on a break from running the club for the foreseeable future.)

“Like in the British comedy, South’s the exasperated headmaster at the St. Trinian’s School for Girls. His patience, “Temperance” tells us, is wearing thin and he may be soon moving on to other ventures, which, if he does, would be highly rewarding judging by The Ten of Pentacles also in the reading.

Is it a former occupation? That seems to be the hint offered by The Six of Cups card also showing up. One should also note that South’s approaching that “memory lane” portion of his life so nostalgia and thoughts of things gone by can be a very powerful driving force right now. Thus the Six of Cups.

In my system, the aforementioned Temperance card also signifies the Sagittarius period, so South might not see a lot of these changes happening before the end of November in 2012. The Ten of Pentacles also talks about inheriting a family, so in a “cold” reading it would be hard to make a guess at exactly what that is.”

Damn it all to hell just my luck…Im gonna get rich a month before the end of the world…LOL

“There’s several overall possibilities to be considered. South may be getting involved with running a PayPal-type system. If not, he’s definitely showing up as a successful entrepreneur, thus putting his days in the adult business finally in the rear view mirror.

As, if that’s not enough of an educated guess, the Ace of Swords confirms it.”

We will see in a year, all in all I’d call the read pretty accurate but remember Gene has known me a LONG time, the more interesting aspects will be the predictions.

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Genes tarot read On Me, How Did He Do?

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