FWIW Harrahs Now Owns Binions

It has just been announced that Harrahs is now the owner of Binions Horseshoe Casino and it will re-open very soon. No details on the sale.

I was among the last to stay at Binions Horshoe Casino with a Bill from the last night, room keys, post cards, letter head and room menus. I suspect Harrahs will rename it to Harrahs Horseshoe Casino or something, so maybe I got something to sell on ebay


Robert Writes:

Hey Mike,

Why did you kill the Tiffany Case story? You had a great scoop on that one!

Thanks Rob, the answer lies in understanding how it happened to begin with. All I knew was that an unidentified girl with an AVN Expo badge that said Tiffany Case had been found comatose at the Venetian hotel. Everyone, including the authorities, wanted a positive ID on her, she was not expected to live I was told.

I made a decision to break the story here, asking who this person was, I figured someone would know, and more than one someone did. As it became evident who it was, I got pressure to pull the story, at first I resisted but the bottom line was that she was feared dead and her family had not yet been notified. I made the decision to yank the story, it had served it’s initial purpose, we now had her ID’d.

I had no idea it would turn out to be one of the best known names in porn. The story has been picked up elsewhere so I see no need to re-hash it here.

My decision to stick with the story could potentially have had negative impact on some of the people that I do business with, that also led me to pull it.

I guess that in the end I sold out, but at least I didn’t sell out for a piece of shit like Rob Black, so my conscious is clear…My reasons were good enough for me.

Some Thoughts:

For those of you who read my site last night you will notice that a BIG story is gone. I rethought the story after it became known who was the person most likely involved, and because someone I respect thought I should pull it.

This goes against my nature and here’s why: I think the truth, no matter how bitter is always the best route. I don’t think hiding a story or trying to put a “spin” on it is in the best interest of anyone involved. If your company is dumb and irresponsible enough to hire a cracked out drug addicted bimbo don’t cry to me when I break a story that she is likely dead from an overdose. Don’t tell me that you have to protect the image of your company and of this fucking business when you didn’t give any thought to that image when you hired her.

Do I sound a tad bitter? If I do it is because I am. I am not big on hypocracy whether it comes from the religious right or the porn valley left. there is no doubt that this story will be all over everywhere in the next 24 hours with a lot more info than I was offering up, but I decided I would do something because there was a consensus that it would be better for the business.

Funny thing is it seems I am the only guy willing to do this. Did cocksmoker Rob Black give a fuck about the effects on the business when he taunted John Ashcroft on Primetime or whatever? Has anyone else in this business made even a tiny effort to self regulate in consideration of the effect that his actions might have on the rest of us? The answer is no.

We in this business seem to have no compassion for the performers who keep us all solvent, we kill stories aboud AIMs fuckups, we just don’t find it newsworthy that unsafe sex practices like ass to mouth are causing epidemic rates of infections, when choking kills many people every year does AVN or anyone else tell you the truth about it? Did they say “Hey dumbass….Thats the same thing as having a stroke, if you do this you are stupid.” Nope you didn’t see a word about it, except here.

It irritates me to be called irresponsible when I report the truth, plain and simple. Specially when the party calling me irresponsible has demonstrated a long record of what I consider reckless irresponsibility.

You can take a turd and you can dress it up and you can cover it up, hide the smell or whatever, but all you have to do is scratch the surface and it becomes readily apparent that it is just a lump of shit.

OK Rant Over.

John Writes:

Hello Mike,

I just wanted to express my disappointment in Jesse Jane not winning Starlet of the year award. Jesse is stunningly beautiful. She also is very sweet and a
down to earth person. I waited in line on Saturday for 2 hours for her autograph and a picture with her. Long but worth it.

I also can confirm Tawney Roberts and Gina Lynn were talking shit to each other in front of the V bar after the awards got out. I was standing right there. The punches that almost got thrown were between there men. However nothing happened at that time.

Here is a photo of Devon and Jesse’s take of her not winning Starlet of the year. At least what she should have felt.

Hope to attend the Awards again next year.


Thanks john, and thanks for the photo, I too was pulling for Jesse because she is my friend and I adore her. One thing I dont worry about though, is Jesse’s career track. She is destined to be at the top, she represents our industry well and she represents herself and her company well.

I see it Took Luke Less Than an Hour to steal My updates:

Luke is on it…The only way to keep him from doing that is to post after sundown on Friday, then he wont take it till after sundown on Saturday, I think thats cuz its a sin for jews to steal on the Sabbath.

Boy, Where to Start:

When I last left you guys we were getting ready for the Playboy Party. That particular party was actually the best we attended, we got in with no problems, the bar was open, there were appetizers and the rap group Red Man did an impromptu song or two.

We went from there to the Hustler Party, Supposedly we were on the VIP List. We arrived at the party only to wait for 20 minutes before we were told that “only the ladies could enter”. I told the guy FUCK YOU, I had Felicia Fox, Kiki D’Aire, Nikia, Lisa Sparks, Pam Anderson, April Flowers and others with me. If they didn’t want me, they don’t get my girls. We ditched that shit and went to the Venetian for a late dinner.

That’s Where the Fun Began:

Seems that about 8PM Federal Marshalls came in and shut down Binions Horeshoe Hotel and Casino, we got a phone call giving us a heads up that all this was happening. Nikia started acting a little strangely.

When we got done with dinner we went to the hotel and were notified that we had to be OUT by noon on Saturday. We started packing our bags. As I was packing I noticed that Nikia (real name Marissa Shireen Navidzadeh) had disappeared, complete with her bags and her airline ticket…she snuck out right under my nose.

She called from the airport and apologized saying that it all made her “nervous” and she had “bad vibes” about it. This was odd behaviour because we had gotten along great and she was having a blast. I have no idea what the “rest of the story” is but I suspect there’s gonna be more to it.

Bottom Line…I got ditched. but I can’t help but think that something is wrong, she acted very afraid of the feds at the hotel.

Marissa supposedly dances at a club in Atlanta, GA called Flashers, and she does bachelor parties through this link :



To Main Street Station:

The next morning we all got up and moved to Main Street Station, where they were nice enough to give us excellent rooms for 60 bucks a night for the duration of our stay. Relocated were Me, Felicia Fox, Tim Case, Sammy Sparks, Scott, Layla Jade, Wild Bill, Kiki Daire and Michael, Harry Weiss, Steve Seidman and some others, but alls well that ends well.

When I left the room to move I noticed that Marissa Shireen Navidzadeh had left some items, a sweater, looked expensive that Regan Anthony snagged and a bunch of bathing suits, T Backs and bras. maybe I will sell em off here or something.

Anyway Regan Anthony was on time at the show for her signings. Despite having to relocate, thats professionalism rarely seen in this biz.

Since My Date To the AVN Awards had Ditched Me:

I had to find one at the last minute. I called fitness model Devon Michaels, who actually cancelled a shoot to attend with me. Devon and I have been friends for a very long time and I was proud to walk in with her on my arm and she was happy to be there!

The AVN Awards:

It’s the show that everyone loves to hate, or hates to love, depending on victory or defeat. This year there was PLENTY of food, and it wasn’t bad. The show opened with 80s rock band “The Tubes” performing “Don’t Touch Me There” and got straight into the awards. The third award givin for the night was for best oral scene and Felicia Fox won. Tim and I were proud as peacocks when she went onstage and thanked me for bringing her into the biz and Tim Case for “Loving her and letting her be who she is”. We were all quite happy.

At our table at the AVN Awards were 2 really good stories. I have photos hopefully coming soon.

The first was a tiny asian girl who had gotten in and was sitting at our table, which was reserved for talent. When I asked if she was talent, she said no but that someone had asked her if she was Gauge she misunderstood, nodded her head and was asked how many tickets she needed, she said 2 I guess and viola She got 2 free passes to the AVN Awards. Needless to say she looked nothing like Guage (I have a pic of the both of them together coming) but she is cute and very nice.

The second was another funny. We got our friend Danny into the Awards, he hung with us at our table all night and out of all the girls in porn that date rock stars that aren’t not a single one recognized Danny, the Bass Player for Nine Inch Nails. Got pics of him with us too…totally nice guy.

Notable about the AVN Awards was that Digital Playground got shut out, 0 for 40 nominations. Jessie Jane held her head high and congratulated Stormy Waters. Jesse is is a class act and I am proud to call her my friend.

The show ended with Atlanta’s own Lil Jon & The Eastside Boyz doing a performance. I met with the Lil Jon guys and they assured me that they had paid the production company and that they would lean on them and see to it that I get paid. I ain’t holding my breath but they were straight up about it all and I appreciate that.

Is She Really Going Out With Him Part 2:

Speaking of Jesse Jane, she has asked me to escort her, as her date to her next Premiere in a few weeks, looks like I may return to L.A. soon after all!


Word is that Gina Lynn and Tawney Roberts got into a fight at the V Bar after the awards. The two have been feuding for a year or so.


Yep I gotta give props to Nick Manning, who was in the funniest video clip of the night that was shown at the AVN Awards. Nick was getting a BJ from Mary Carey and was looking at her and going Oh yes, you are SO Beautiful, you are stunng, you are the absolute best…you saw it from a reverse angle and as the camera pans around he is shown holding a mirror over her head and was clearly looking at himself..that shit was hilarious!

Speaking of Mary Carey:

She was great! Totally nice to me and everyone else, despite her no neck boyfriend hanging over her like a vulture, he was rude to me and he was rude to everyone else she spoke with. Even Eminem, who called Mary inviting her to party with him and his crew, after a couple of calls, no neck broke her cell phone by throwing it into the wall. Real mature dude….face it man YOU are a fucking LOSER and Mary can do a whole lot better. One day she will realize that and your sorry ass will be back selling juice or whatever the fuck you did before getting this gig.

Adult Expo to Move Next Year…Or Is It:

Rumors are rampant that the Adult Expo show will move next year to the new convention center at Mandalay Bay, I have heard this many times, but other sources say no way, its moving halls at the Sands Expo Center but it is NOT Moving to Mandalay Bay.


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FWIW Harrahs Now Owns Binions

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