Friends And Enemies:

Several things have been on my mind lately and I’m going to pontificate on them eventually.

But lately I have been asked a good bit about how I am doing, post surgery.  I never wrote too much about it since it happened but it was quite an experience.  I learned a lot about many of the people around me. Particularly two, one a sworn enemy and one who  claimed to love me.

The one who claimed to love me and admire my ideas of personal responsibility, yada yada wasn’t speaking to me at the time. She was upset because basically I wasn’t doing what it was she wanted me to do. Well I never heard a word from that one while I was having the hardest time of my life.

On the flip side I had a guy, Kurt Lockwood who was a sworn enemy, it was no secret that we didn’t much like each other.

While I was recuperating in the hospital I got an email from Kurt, in it he said that he had lost his father to the same surgery and that he wouldnt wish what I was going through on his worst enemy and that he hoped my recovery was swift and full and that there was no serious pain or complications. He said that in a case like this you have to put your differences aside.  He also said he fully expected me to make fun of him sending me those wishes.

How weird is that, my enemy turned out to be a much better friend than my friend. Kurt misjujudged me in a big way if he really thought I would use that against him, he showed himself to be a better person than a whole lot of people who claimed to be better than him. At that point I buried that hatchet, the fact that he did what he did made me reconsider and wipe the slate clean.

I learned a lot  from that trauma, about myself and about who I consider my friends.

From a long term standpoint post surgery I am doing fine.  My ability to run, jump or do anything that involves a lot of ankle movement is long gone. The tumor and the surgery left permanent nerve damage in both ankles and feet but mostly in the right one.

I can still offshore fish, but its a lot harder and causes a lot of pain afterwards in my back, largely because not having the ankle flexibility on a surface that moves on three axis is very hard on your back. But it’s Ok I got it way better than plenty of folks and besides we all have stuff we have to face in life, this was just one of mine. I’m happy and lucky to be here and aI appreciate everyone who emails me and asks how I’m doing. I’m doing well y’all, Thanks!

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Friends And Enemies:

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