Frank Replies To Goddess:


Too bad you’re heading back to your estate so soon. I had read about your disappointment with our hospitality this morning and was going to invite you over for some grilled opossum. Ran over it myself just this morning, so do worry about freshness. I’m not convinced you got the better deal though. 5 days alone in South’s place – vs – 3 days with South & friends on the Gulf? I think I won out on that one. LOL

Let me know when you’re back this way. I’ve got an old bottle of Gentleman Jack and a porch where you can see those stars you missed.


Exxxotica Miami:

Damn, what a fun time, the updates are coming along with pics and video…theres some BIG surprises coming here!! But I wanna personally thank a few people who made our trip fun and stress free, first of all Paige who was absolutely perfect in every way, the girl is a true professional and she had nothing but fun to boot.

Second Nick Sabatino, Craig Valentine and Summer Haze, (Yes you read that right) they got my badges, they took care of us the whole time, were nothing but nice to us, whatever we wanted, we had!

Ron Jeremy, Sunny Lane and all the rest of the misfits who had dinner with us and generally kicked back with us!

And last but certainly not least Tim and Fifi (Felicia Fox) my best friends and a part of my family.

Here are some questions that will be answered in the coming day or so.

Did Mike South and Evan Seinfeld kiss and make up?

Who was more popular Jenna or Ron Jeremy?

Did Jenna fans throw her Tshirts in the trash because she pisseed them off so bad?

Did Mike South eat off of Ron Jeremy’s plate and live to tell about it?

Did Mike South get Inked?

Is Tim Case retired from suitcase pimping?

Who almost got arrested for harrassing the Christian protesters at the show on Sunday?

Are Jason Seacrest and Mike South destined to spend eternity together?

All this and more…coming

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Frank Replies To Goddess:

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