Everyone is reporting that Julie Meadows and Chloe are gone from VCA:

But my source says no, Chloe is still there. Though maybe not for long, there have been persistent rumors that VCA is being bought by LFP, this could be a precursor. I expect a big announcement any day.

If VCA does get purchased by LFP look for LFP to set it’s sights on Wicked next.

Word on the street is that LFP is buying up the competition and is going to pretty much stomp out the cheap comps and other shit that a lot of these guys do. Long range plans are rumored to include a plan to self distribute, a move that should make IVD and GVA very nervous. If LFP is successful they could effectively limit porn output and drive up the price, not a bad thing if ya ask me. They are taking the first steps to tame the feature market should they successfully buy VCA and then Wicked LFP would almost own that market leaving only Metro (Which is in self destruct mode anyhow) and Digital Playground, which is doing very well and could become an LFP target itself.

Gigi Appleton Responds:

You know how I really do try to support my distributors. I like to support and dance with the guys what brung me. BUTTTTTTT, enough is enough already. I have been hearing this same thing over and over and I have to follow my gut here and start going to these peeps and get them the product. I have always ( and you of all people know this to be true) said I just want to have a nice little operation and have some fun, it is supposed to be fun!!
You may post this if you please and also, either get their number or call with it and I will willingly(check that) gratefully send any and all cummers the fabulous product I am lucky enough to represent.
Gigi Appleton
Avalon Enterprises 1-818-886-0402
P.S. I have some really juicy, big news coming up and as soon as it is in the black and white stage, I will send it to you, sweets!

Gigi I applaud you for taking your destiny into your own hands. I know that you have tried and tried to work with distributors, specially this one but if they can’t get the job done…besides it isn’t like it is money out of thier pocket since they wont sell it. Jaime reads my site daily so I am sure he will get your number and give ya a call. Thanks to Jaime for bringing this to my attention, it isnt just Ohio where this happens we have about 20 stores here in Atlanta begging for my product as well. Call me Gigi and I will give you contacts and company names.

Alexander The Poet Sends This along…I’m Flattered:

I wrote this poem based on experiences after going to the sites. Website difficulties aside, I find all these guys to be great and don’t mean to bash any of them.

“Porn Gossip Sites” by Alexander The Poet 01.30.03

There seems to be, many porn gossip sites,
So let me tell you about them
They make for great reading for all my nights,
But with some, I got a problem

Simply Jimmy D, sounds like a cool guy,
Infact, he may even be great!
But I would, simply, like to know just why…
Why he never fuckin’ updates???

Now let us move on to Luke Ford dot com,
Luke Ford isn’t even on it
I seriously don’t mean to sound dumb,
But what is up with that bullshit???

Then there’s this gossip journalist, Gene Ross
And Gene Ross, I don’t mean to bash
But once I click enter, I’m at a loss,
His site makes my computer crash!

There’s only one website I feel is best,
I’d like to give it a shout out
He updates more frequently than the rest,
It’s my friend in Georgia, Mike South!

Mike Writes:

Hi Mike
I was wondering what video has Zoey in it.
I would like to buy it.


Zoey is in Mike South’s Confederate Cuties #4 Distributed by Avalon (Gigi Appleton above)

7060cookie-checkEveryone is reporting that Julie Meadows and Chloe are gone from VCA:

Everyone is reporting that Julie Meadows and Chloe are gone from VCA:

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