Devon Michaels, From Peeler to Owner:

She has a club in the works in the midwest, should open in March. There will be more details in the coming month or so but I congratulate her and her partners. Devon is a sharp cookie and I was PROUD to be her date to the AVN Awards last week. Congrats to her.

Hey I Gotta Female Fan!!!!:

From an email exchange

I just wanted to say – I really loved your site, loved the archives with all the cool fishy Anyhow just saying hi!

Michelle St. Clair

hey thanks doll baby I need every reader I can get 🙂 you ever get to Atlanta and want to shoot gimme a shout

You bet! Your hot, and any man that can catch a fish that big, should have caught me by now…

DAMN where you been all my life

Right here baby – waitin on you!

OK Ladies THATS how ya suck up to me…appeal to all of my interests!!!!! And to think Wankus thinks my fishing pics ain’t interesting. Maybe thats why he never gets laid.


11400cookie-checkDevon Michaels, From Peeler to Owner:

Devon Michaels, From Peeler to Owner:

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