Cori Love and I will be seeing “Ice Age” tomorrow

will let ya know what I think. The trailers and the teaser I have seen look top notch, a throwback to the days when cartoons were actually funny, way before all the PC nonsense kicked in.

I got an email today from a chick at University of Northern Iowa, she is taking a pornography class there and asked me for some assistance, I made an offer to come lecture the clas if they will simply pay modest travel expenses, I will let y’all know how that turns out.

I would like to once again invite everyone to read the current issue of “Oxford American Magazine” there is an in depth profiule of me in it along with an unpublished screenplay by William Faulkenr and some damn fine writing about Southern Film Making. It can be ordered at the Oxford American website.

1520cookie-checkCori Love and I will be seeing “Ice Age” tomorrow

Cori Love and I will be seeing “Ice Age” tomorrow

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