Confederate Cuties 5 gets PERFECT Review:

Looking Glass Magazine Issue #99:

“You see, there is this loud-mouthed redneck sonna beech who lives in Atlanta and thinks he is the God of Amateur videos. Well, this attitude tends to help him out, and his tapes have actually won “Best Amateur” from AVN on more than one occasion. Say hello to Mike South and CONFEDERATE CUTIES 5, and in this tape in his newest series he does a great job playing “Mr. Ego With a Big Dick” and I say that in a good way. South is fun to have around and even more fun when sitting in on, or helping him shoot, scenes in his series. This one, for example, includes a few that I watched him shoot. He does a local Ohio girl called Jolee at the nearby NoTell Motel and, even though this was her first time in front of the camera, she proved to be a real trooper and gobbled his sausage like a veteran. Another favorite of mine, Trinity, got a taste of the South Wonder Wand and decided that hey, she can do this for a living, and now she is working at the Bunny Ranch in Nevada. I guess South really corrupted her! There is also a real stunning gal named Fiona who has the perfect face and figure. Hell, she is too good for this redneck bastard! Fiona is a living wet dream. maybe next time he needs a stunt dick I can try to be in the area… 10 STROKES. (out of 10)



4120cookie-checkConfederate Cuties 5 gets PERFECT Review:

Confederate Cuties 5 gets PERFECT Review:

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