Casting Call: (West Palm Beach, Florida)

If you are interested in any of these parts email me

We will be auditioning for two productions:

“xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx” – an MTV-style parody music video:

3-5 hot country babes
several fans
limo driver
3 sexy female model types
5 cheerleaders
Studly Dude
Bar Babe
3-5 beer drinking guys
club owner

Song currently getting airplay. Talent must be 18+; shooting the last week
of April (tentatively the 26-28th); most talent will be needed for only a
few hours on one of those days. No pay or compensation for travel/expenses,
but great experience.


“Doors” – an R-rated erotic thriller. An exotic dancer commits suicide to
discover that death provides no escape from the horrors that tormented her
in life. Some roles require brief nudity:
Rachel 18-25, exotic dancer
Kiki 18-25, exotic dancer
Star 18-25, exotic dancer
John 25-35, handsome lawyer
Ray mid 30’s, club owner
Jared 25-30, film director
Edward 55+, wealthy club patron
Dark Man aka Death; ominous, foreboding
Richard mid-50’s, pawn shop owner

Plus a variety of supporting roles & extras, many of which have speaking
parts. Talent must be 18+; shooting May 9-29; cast paid on a partially
deferred basis.

Chili Palmer Writes:

Heres some more for you….do some research on and

So I did here’s

Crawford, Jim
Original sin films
21828 lassen st
chatworth, CA 91311


Adultsource Media
XXXX Yyyyyyyyyy Ave
Reseda, CA 91335

Hmm I dont see anything there…till I do some research on the Reseda Address…..guess who lives there…Jim Crawford.

But Wait…Theres More! Thats and ad for Barrets Movie “Mad Skillz Vol1” released Feb 4 Thats an ad for Barrets new movie “Mad Skillz” released April 8

same cast list, same name, different box.

So it’s safe to say that anyone who got screwed by Original Sin….well you get the picture.

OK Yesterday wasn’t really RobbyDs Birthday

But IT Was Funny!

It’s That Time Again:

Snapper Season Opens Today (Fri)….Guess where I will be…..

14930cookie-checkCasting Call: (West Palm Beach, Florida)

Casting Call: (West Palm Beach, Florida)

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