Atlanta To Bangkok

I left Atlanta early in the morning on September 15th where I flew to Chicago then caught a flight from Chicago to  Shanghai China. That is one long flight that took us into the arctic circle above Point Barrow, Alaska and down into Siberia, then over Japan and into Shanghai.


That’s Shanghai airport, for a country with 2 billion people it seemed rather deserted, almost all the travelers were other than Chinese, I  guess most people in China don’t travel much.

I had to go through Chinese Customs where I was detained for about 15 mins and they ran my passport then sent me to my connecting flight to Bangkok.

Once I arrived in Bangkok about 27 hours after I left Atlanta my Buddy Dirty White Boy picked me up and shuttled me to Pattaya where I would spend the first couple of weeks.

Pattaya City Sign from the beach

Pattaya Beach

Jomtien Beach

Funny thing is these are some of the least beautiful beaches in Thailand.

What you will see from South Thailand is amazing.

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Atlanta To Bangkok

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