As Many Of You Know

I read a lot, books even, ones without pictures even. Anyway my good friend Tim Case and I have similar taste and everytime I go up to Dayton he loads me down with books he thinks I might like.

He gave me one that I put off reading for a couple of months “Ironweed” by William Kennedy, earlier this week, I read it.


” they feared drys, cops, jailers, bosses, moralists, crazies, truth-tellers and one another. They loved storytellers, liars, whores, fighters, singers, collie dogs that wagged their tails and generous bandits. Rudy, thought Francis: he’s just a bum, but who aint?”

Read the book, Kennedy is best compared to Steinbeck, it has the feel of Cannery Row and Of Mice and Men to some degree but it is far from a rip off.

Put down the porn for a weekend and read “Ironweed” you won’t regret it.

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As Many Of You Know

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