An IM With A Model I Was Asking To Shoot

Potential Model: Why do you want me to do things that repulse me?
Potential Model: Wht do guys always want me to do disgusting things
South1226: It’s our nature I guess
Potential Model: but I would never do that in real life
South1226: then don’t do it on video
Potential Model: But I need the money, I guess I will do it
South1226: look dont do it just for the money
Potential Model: Couldn’t I just do another bukkake or something, what you want me to do is just gross
South1226: No honey you have to vacuum under the cushions of the sofa.

(I was booking her for a fetish shoot, a vacuuming fetsih, no nudity,  needless to say I was almost in tears laughing at this.)

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An IM With A Model I Was Asking To Shoot

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