A Word Out to Gigi Appleton at Avalon:

Ok this shit makes me nuts. My friends Tim and Felicia Fox went over to Hustler Hollywood in Dayton today. As always they checked the “Mike South Section” and as always It was empty. You see my tapes do extraordinarily well there, so much so that Jaime, the buyer, has made a special section for me. When Tim asked him why he had none he said “I can’t get any, when they do send them they don’t send enough, I try and try but they never ship what I order. When I do get a shipment I only get one or two copies of a couple of titles and in two days they are gone!” THAT is a quote, from the buyer! Why is this? Gigi I love ya I think you are as honest and decent as anyone I have ever met but you have a problem somewhere when Hustler cannot get my videos. Jaime has noted that my current distributor Hollywood Video doesn’t seem to have this problem and he looks forward to my newest release in a couple of weeks. Gigi You are losing money here baby…and you’re not in biz to lose money.

I have seen the future of photography:

I am now the proud owner of a Nikon D100 and let me tell ya, so far this is one impressive camera, when I blew a shot up to 24×36 it looked GOOD real GOOD and 11×17 right out of the camera is as good as and maybe better than 35MM film, due to the fact that there is NO grain. From now on this is what my boxcovers will be shot with. Kudos to Nikon, this fucker is pricey but I will save more than enough to pay for the camera in film and processing Just this year!

I have a great update coming later this afternoon!

7040cookie-checkA Word Out to Gigi Appleton at Avalon:

A Word Out to Gigi Appleton at Avalon:

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