A Thank You and a Follow Up

Thanks y’all I can always count on y’all to make me feel better and to be helpful…I was wearing a helmet and I didn’t have any knots or headaches or anything not did the doctors note anything in any of the hospital records I have them all along with all the images..3 DVDs worth…but that doesn’t mean that there may not have been some rattling of the brain inside my skull…Id honestly be surprised if there wasn’t, and that may well be the cause of the memory loss….Thanks and good catch.

As for the dream it wasn’t a nightmare or a a terror it simply set off a round of what I guess is PTSD Im better today and back to what Id call normal but yesterday it bugged me all day I called my mom and my brother asking them about me and my behavior and they both said that even on Sunday, the day of the wreck once they got me to my room I seemed to be normal…I had cuts and scratches on my face and arms, I posted the pic a while back I think, but they said I was in a good mood and seemed like I would be going home as soon as they released me….much sooner than the 5 days I was in there but then they did the surgery on my collarbone very early Friday morning, they released me Friday night..At first I was told the collarbone wouldn’t require surgery but I think when two orderlies (on doctors orders) tried to lift me to my feet to get me to walk one lifted from under my left shoulder,,THAT I remember it was on Wed and the pain was excruciating…I expect that is why on Thurs the doctor came in and said I needed surgery, I also remember a nurse coming in after that and saying to me that half of her job was keeping said doctor from “killing his patients” she was very kind to me. My mother and brother filed a complaint against the doctor, who really was a son of a bitch, I think he thought he was Dr House or something. I fired him and requested a new doctor who was the one that did the surgery. Friday night my friend Frank got me and took me to moms where I spent the next 8 days recuperating till I was able to go home.

I was very lucky to have a cousin who sold medical equipment, he hooked me up with a really good loaner hospital bed at my moms and then moved it to my house. it was electric and had an air mattress and even told my weight I looked it up online and its an almost 20,000 dollar bed. There is no doubt that it helped my recovery because it neutralized pressure points with the air mattress, It was way better than the one I was in in the hospital even. the best thing was that in addition to being an adjustable bed the height of the entire bed was adjustable making it MUCH easier to get in and out of easier for me to go to the bathroom or just get to the shower or even get out of bed just to move around…lower it till my feet hit the floor then raise it to help me onto my feet as I slid off and onto the walker.

Many thanks to you guys for the calls, the kind emails and the comments today. I have given up on the idea that i will ever remember what caused the wreck…I ate before leaving and Ive never had low blood sugar anyway so that seems unlikely, the cat scans ruled out a stroke or anything, I wondered if I feel asleep but pictures my brother took the day after the accident it was clear that as soon as I got off the pavement the rear wheel locked and skidded, you could see where the bike and I hit on my left side, then returned upright and skidded to a stop and fell over, so it never flipped and I wasn’t asleep if I was hard braking immediately…I didn’t think I feel asleep anyway it was late morning, I wasn’t tired and Ive driven many many many miles in my life and never fallen asleep even after driving 24 plus hrs.

The best guess and what the state patrol thought was that either someone tried to pass me without allowing enough room (they passed down the middle instead of the left lane) or that I was attempting to avoid a deer or even possibly was hit by a deer, that’s possible because it was a two lane rural area with lots of deer.

according to the timeline I was in the ditch for around 15-20 mins before someone saw me, stopped and called 911 I remember 1105 and the state patrol put his time of arrival at 1135. That’s all I can piece together and I am fine I guess not remembering it weird as it is.

I have ridden motorcycles since the mid 70s and on the most current bike I have put almost 100K miles on it since 2009, Ive ridden 550 miles in a single day many times and as every rider knows, someday this will happen, but when you buckle that helmet and start riding you never think today will be that day and then…just like that, one day it was.

I get the pleasure of riding, and I still ride, though not nearly as much, if you are a rider…be safe

Again Thanks Y’all and I will get back to our regular programming now…Love You Long Time!

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A Thank You and a Follow Up

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