A Reflection:

I am in the process of archiving all my raw footage to DVD. Thats a LOT of raw footage. I didn’t really start in any particular order. Today, among others I archived the first scene I did with Melisaa Hill. this was 10 years ago. I was new to the biz and had shot less than half a dozen scenes. I met Melissa at the CES show and brought her to Atlanta to shoot. I didn’t really know it then but Melissa was special. To this day she is the only porn chick I have ever known who could really, and I mean really act. Melissa had to play a character, no matter what. It was how she transformed from the shy, quiet and reserved Texas girl that she really was.

As I am I archiving the footage I am doing other things, working on websites and stuff but I can’t help but watch some of it, I am drawn to it. I knew the cardinal rule in porn, you never fall in love with a co-star, but in all honestly I fell hard for Melissa. She never knew it and I never let it out but I did. Melissa and I stayed friends for a long time, I guess a very long time in porn standards. She went on to win lots of AVN Awards, including Best Actress, which was what she really always wanted.

In her best years she worked almost exclusively for Vivid, she should have been a Vivid Girl really but they never signed her.

We eventually fell out of touch, the world moved on. I have no idea what became of her, last I heard she was dating the webmaster of California Pimps sites, right after he bought lukeford.com, she called me, then I never heard from her again.

Wherever she may be I hope she is well.

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