A Funny Thing Happened

Ok it’s Christmas eve and Im wrapping presents and doing general stuff and I reply to a myspace message from a smoking hot web girl who has recenty relocated to Atlanta.  She wants to hook up.  I drop what I’m doing and head to meet her for dinner.  On the way I get a call from one of Tim’s peelers named Autumn.

I tell her I will call her later, she says my cell is broken so use this number.

FF to later I call and this sleepy voice answers the phone:


Me: “What are you doing you triffling little hooker”


Me: “What are you doing asleep you are never asleep this early”

“I was asleep”

Me: “Well ya told me to call ya back now wake up and talk to me hooker”

“who is this?”

Me: “Is this Autumn?”

“No This is Autumn’s MOTHER”


Autumn is going to KILL ME

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A Funny Thing Happened

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