A few Selections from my Mail:

Dear Mr. South,

I want to be a pornstar, I can do it, I know I can do it. How do I do it?


I wish I had a dollar for every…..wait, never mind, donate a dollar to me via paypal ([email protected]) and I will tell ya!


Damn, dude! Your site rules! I am a member for life! You have the hottest chicks, you don’t insult my intelligence with stupid scenarios, your quality is top notch and you are less expensive than other sites and you have way more and better content. Sign me satisfied!

Thanks Man! I get the best girls and I shoot them just as they are, you won’t see me throwing girls out on the street or other stupidity that anyone with a brain knows is all fake. You get the real deal here!

Hey Mike

What ever happened to your old girlfriend OnyX, she was one of the hottest sistas that ever did porn, is she still around?


Last I heard OnyX is still living in Atlanta, but has been out of the biz for quite a few years, she got married and had a kid, beyound that I hear from her about once every 6-9 months when she gets drunk and calls at 4AM talking nonsense.

Hi Mike, I am a 19 year old girl from North Carolina, I have always wanted to be in a porn but didn’t know anyone shot around here til a friend of mine gave me your website. I am serious about doing this. I am petite, cute and I love sex with both guys and girls, I like anal too and I love big , fat facials! I have enclosed a few photos. Please call me and let me know if I can work for you, my number is 704-xxx-xxxx.

Damn, she is a hottie too. Unlike Rocky, this young lady doesn’t have to donate a dollar! Ya I called her! and Ya we are gonna shoot!

So how many girls have you had sex with?


Damn, I honestly don’t know the answer to that question, more than a hundred, less than a hundred thousand. Can I add you to the list? Send me a picture!

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A few Selections from my Mail:

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