I know I haven’t updated as much as usual but I just needed a break.

Ernesto Arrives In Florida:

Mows Lawns…

yayaya I know thats bad…see what happens when porners bore me.

Digital Playground Shooting Pirates 2 In Redondo Beach?

Pirate Ship

This photo was sent by a reader who took it Redondo Beach but that ain’t a DP set, Thats The Black Pearl, or at least the non CGI one. Apparently Pirates of the Caribbean 3 is shooting there.

Im Speaking at Dragon Con On Fri And Saturday

Along with Melissa Wolfe and Gonzo, if you will be at Dragon Con you damn well better attend my seminars, schedule and location will be posted soon.


I just needed to do that….Don’t ask.

I Finally Did It:

I have had a promo copy laying around for years and I finnally watched Caligula. And just to show that no matter how dreadfully bad a movie is (and this one REALLY is) you can still learn from it.

What I learned?….Where Tod Hunter got the nickname Little Boots for George Bush. Genius Tod.



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