Y’all Watch This!:

We all know what that is right?…It’s the last words of a redneck….

In reading about Asia Carrera’s decision to have a baby at home alone, I am reminded of North Korean Petty Dictator Kim Jong Il, For those of you who attended government schools Mr Il has total control over the press in his country and he is quite well known for his exaggerations, claiming, for example that everytime he plays golf he hits at least 2 hole in ones. Because he controls the press the sports pages of his country’s paper regularly report this feat.

It would seem that Ms Carrera has stolen some pages from Mr Il’s playbook. After proclaiming herself the smartest woman in porn and crowing about her membership in MENSA, it was discovered by someone who actually was a MENSA member that lo and behold…she wasn’t. She later claimed that she did join after being outed.

Well now she is claiming that she decided to have her latest offspring all natural, and at home alone. She even wrote about it on her site including all the gory details.

Now while possible that she could have done this, I mean after all, women did it for millions of years…though presumeably there was a cave man around to offer some sort of assistance, in this day and age the death rate for women giving birth is a lot lower, thanks to modern medical care.

But it still begs that the rather obvious be pointed out….

It doesn’t take a MENSA member to realize its pretty fucking dumb idea.

Reckon she said “Y’all watch this” to her cats?


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Y’all Watch This!:

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