Ya Know Those Carolina Panthers Cheerleaders that got Arrested In Tampa?

Wanna see em?

This Is Victoria

This is Angela

They both got fired as of this morning. Now do you detect some hypocrisy here? I mean what if one of the overpaid, under educated jocks gets arrested for battery? do they fire him? hell no it happens all the time, welcome to the culture of the jock…

Some Random Thoughts

Shane Diesel and Jessica Dee:

Jessica tested positive for HIV back about two years ago, thanks to Darren James, she and Shane were together at the time. They remain together. The fact that Shane continues to work in porn without condoms has raised quite a few eyebrows and even more tempers.

On the one hand one must commend Shane for staying with Jessica but on the other many question whether he should still be in porn AIM or no AIM and that is a valid concern, but is it really? Let’s face it half the guys in the biz (or more) will pick up an untested girl and fuck her bareback in their personal lives, and I know that one of the top male talent recently did exactly that, so is there any real difference in working with Shane or with this guy?

At least one would assume that Shane uses protection in his personal life with Jessica.

And lets talk just a second about AIM testing…If you think that con protects you from any STD you need to read my archives, because plain and simple, it doesn’t.

Do the girls Shane works with have a right to know and make their own decisions? Absolutely whether the decision is educated or not…

Nikki Nova Needs Money:

The Nikki Nova thing I reported didn’t mention the fact that some people are panhandling for money to pay for her medical bills. Now last I checked Nikki makes pretty good money…she didnt have insurance it ain’t my fault…On the other hand if you feel generous then by all means donate…

Personally I think this should be a lesson to all porn performers…It CAN happen to you…at your age insurance is cheap…get it!

I was thinking about making a donation to Nikki but instead I took the money and bought insurance for myself, cuz lord knows I don’t have great tits so y’all ain’t gonna pony up for my medical bills if something happens.

Today is Election Day:

Don’t be a dumb fuck…people have died so that you can be free…get off your asses and vote..it’s the least you can do. Of course if you don’t know the candidates, the issues or what the fuck I’m talking about don’t vote, leave it to more intelligent people to decide.

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Ya Know Those Carolina Panthers Cheerleaders that got Arrested In Tampa?

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