Ya know the Bad Thing About Having a Chick at Your Place While Yer Outta Town?

The clean up everyfucking thing and put it where you’d never think to look for it. The vacuum was in the closet with the fishing stuff and the GPS was in the food pantry, I know damn good and well Goddess didn’t use either of them. All my video masters were strewn about as though they had been used in a drunken orgy and my albums of chromes were all laying about with conspicuous Sharpee black ink scribbled all over Cori Love’s face. She left Trixie’s pics alone though…I guess she likes Trixie in some oddball way. My photos of me, Jesse Jane, Samantha Lewis and Adella were all turned face down and a picture of some bald dude in a bad rug was left on my kitchen counter…I think he used to work for AVN.

Mostly though it’s the tuna smell on everything that bugs me.

OK Lets Get to Something Serious:

With the proliferation of modeling sites like OMP and adultstaffing girls wanting to do adult in places all over the country now have immediate access to potential employers. They can post photos, have them sent to everyone in a particular state or states and sit back and let the offers roll in.

And roll in they will, even a marginally cute girl who indicates that she does adult will be barraged with offers of employment. But who exactly are these employers?

Some are legit but sadly most are not, many are even criminal. So how do you know who is and who isn’t legit?

These are all NUMBER1 for a REASON!

Lets start with the email itself.

1. What is the return email address? if it’s hotmail, yahoo, or anything other than a functional company website, chances are it’s a con job. real employers have real websites, and guys who shoot for Playboy or Wicked or Vivid for instance generally don’t email from AOL accounts. If they say the shoot for so and so they should be able to give you a reference there, or better yet call Vivid and ask…they are happy to tell you, they also know the names of people claiming to be affiliated with them who are not.

1. Just because they have a functional site doesn’t mean much though, any fourth grader with a basic knowledge can build a website. Ask for a free membership so you can see what it is you are getting yourself into. If they are legit, a free membership is no big deal…if they whine about that tell them to fuck off and die cuz it’s a scam.

1. Don’t let him call you, you call him. Who answers and how? If the phone number is a pay phone in a penetentary..well you can figure that out.

1. Ask for 3 Industry references, and call and check those references. A bouncer at the local titty bar isn’t an industry reference, Mike South or Dave Cumming is.

1. Use google and look for this guy and his company,you might just find out enough there to know if it’s legit or not.

1. Speaking of legit…If the offer sounds too good to be true…it is. Don’t want to believe that? Ask Natel King…Oh wait, you can’t, she was KILLED by a so called photographer, who offered her about 3X the going rate for bondage work. Don’t be another Natel.

1b. Anyone who tells you that you can make 160K a year doing porn in Kansas is full of shit.

1. Speaking of offers…Know EXACTLY what is expected of you and what and when and how you will be paid for it. If it will be by company check and you have never heard of the company ask for their bank and call and verify that they have an account there or better yet make the company cash it on the spot.

1b. Spell out exactly what you aren’t doing as well…You don’t do anal, fine SAY IT!

1. Anyone who wants an audition is scamming you plain and simple, even if its “paid”

1. Anyone who wants pictures other than simple test shots, consisting of a full length from each side, a top third and a head shot, is just picture collecting. Real photographers/directors don’t want spreads, facials, hardcore or pantyhose pictures.

1. Anyone who offers to pay your airfare to shoot is breaking a federal law called the Mann Act. I know a lot of people do it, but you should be aware of that. The best thing for you to do is increase the pay for the work that you are doing so that it covers your expenses as well, it is illegal for anyone to “officially” re-imburse you.

1. If you are unsure about anything or if you don’t know who you are shooting for take a friend with you, male or female. The friend should be well behaved and nobody will have a problem with him/her being on set, if they do, they are up to something. Don’t accept “We have closed sets as an answer” YOU be in control of your life, you have something they want and if they are planning on scamming you they don’t want a witness.

1. NEVER EVER be afraid to walk away from a set if anything seems wrong. It may save your life. Natel King said that she had bad feelings about the guy who killed her…had she listened to herself she would still be alive today.

OK Class over..good luck.

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Ya know the Bad Thing About Having a Chick at Your Place While Yer Outta Town?

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