Why I’m Better Than You

When I read Kayden’s post below I thought about it.  I have been saying this, somewhat tongue in cheek, for years that we are all prostitutes.

People get very worked up over that notion. Self righteousness kicks in and they have to explain why “I’m  better than you”

The idea being that selling your body, in terms of your mind or your abilities (all except sex of course)  isn’t the same as selling your vagina, or maybe your oral skills as they relate to placement on a penis.

But if you break it down and take away any ideas of morality on any of it, you can’t escape the conclusion that there really isn’t any difference.  Now you may say that you can’t remove the morality aspect and practically you would be correct, but you should remember that morality isn’t absolute, it’s relative.  The same moral outrage that you have over selling your vagina may be the same moral outrage that someone else has over selling their time (and life) to someone else to make a profit so pushing your morailty as an example of “why I’m better than you are” is an empty argument.

Everyone feels the need to be better than someone, even porn chicks and agents, but in the end it’s an empty argument because when ya get right to it the only person in life you have be comfortable with is yourself, so try to remember  what a boring place the world would be if everyone were like you, and let them answer to themselves.

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Why I’m Better Than You

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