Who Wants to be on a Network TV Show?

It was great to talk to you. Here’s the scoop. The show is a pilot for Tribune called Jamie Unleashed. Her website is jamiewhite.com

This is the pilot so it will be shown at NATPE next year.


Looking for Southern California based people to come on the show and talk to Jamie. It’s a flat fee of $30 to $50 for the appearance.

Questions for women:

Does you man go to strip clubs and you don’t like it?
Or do you not mind?
Does you man enjoy calling phone sex operators?
Are you upset because your man has cyber sex with other women?
Are you a woman who dates married men?

Are you in a relationship and he won’t propose?
Does your man avoid the topic of marriage?
Has he avoided introducing you to his parents?
Does he say he can’t marry you because of your religion?

Questions for men:

Does your woman feel threatened because you go to stip clubs?
Have you ever been in a relationship and had a woman on the side?
Do you think it’s ok to call sex operators-that it’s not cheating?

Are you a man who has been engaged several times but never married?
Are you a man who gets tired of women saying you won’t commit?
Does your girlfriend keep bugging you about getting married and you don’t want to?


You can use any or all of the examples above. It will be a fun day. We tape on Sept. 5th from 11am to 6pm. Have anyone who fits this catagory and is willing to tell their story call me at 323-953-5858 and ask for Mary or e-mail me at [email protected].

Thank you so much. I’ll call you later today.

This is real y’all so if you might fit any of these categories and want to give it a run contact Mary or myself.

Charlie Came Through!

This is Robby at 19, before he had the corrective cosmetic surgery, Seems Mister D mentioned below actually had a gig pimping a cereal for a while. Shortly sfterwards he was banished back to middle earth. It seems that prior to changing his name to Robby he was known as “Frito” and hung around with his friends Arrowroot, Gimlet and GoodGulf, and if you know what the fuck I’m talking about you know how funny that shit is.

And here is Robby with his twin brother, MiniD. Robby is doing his best to keep his younger sibling away from Rob Spallone and Harry Weiss.

It’s My Understanding that on this day, 38 years and nine months ago:

Mr D fornicated with Mrs D and begat a child named Robby. Little did Mr D know that the fruit of his loins would produce a talented pornographer. I am sure he was hoping for a baseball player or at least a doctor. But Mr D is proud because it could have been worse….he could have begat another lawyer…

Will someone please send me something embarrassing that I can post here to honor this momentous occasion. Had this union not occured porn wuld be void of one of the very very few talented directors it actually has left.

So lets get some good RobbyD graphics for this, his special day…(hint hint Charley)

Dirty Bob Figures This is Important:

The 8-18-03 issue of Time predicts that Flynt “…and Carey are splitting the porn vote.” This observation just begs for an answer to this question: between the two of them…who will get the most votes? Larry or Mary?

Time’s article, and the idea that Larry Flynt and Mary Carey can actually compete against one another for a shot at being Governor of California, spawned the idea for this site I just put up: www.larryormary.com .

This site will provide a “political porn measuring stick” for gauging their popularity with both residents and non-residents of California. Simply put, it is an Internet voting site where voters from all over can indicate, by vote, their preference between the two candidates. It then displays the current results for both residents and non-residents of California. To eliminate padding, it is set up so that a person can vote only once per day.

No padding…only vote once a day huh?

Now HERE’s a Poll I like From Aaron:

The Official MikeSouth.com Man of the Year Poll

He should be drinking a beer But I like his style

Im not so sure bout this one, from the looks of it he is carrying his and she is carrying hers

And Finally my personal choice…this guy is onto something. He could Teach SKEETER AND TIM CASE a thing or two.

East Coast Video Show:

It’s been cut to 2 days…everyone I have talked to is skipping it….is anyone gonna go?


9320cookie-checkWho Wants to be on a Network TV Show?

Who Wants to be on a Network TV Show?

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