What Do You Do?

I know someone, not a friend really but not someone I harbor any ill will towards. Certainly not someone I wish to see dead. But I fear I will, and I am not the only one, this person has a long history of extreme drug abuse, suicide attempts and serious depression.

There is no immediate family for this person to turn to and this person is being eaten from within. I believe as much as anyone in personal responsibility but is it not irresponsible to just turn my head and look the other way?

It’s true that there is probably little or nothing that I can do to help but there are people who could help, and I am close to some of them.

Do we not all bear just a little responsibility for doing what we feel is right? I would like to help this person before it’s too late, the person doesn’t come right out and request help, but I know a cry for help when I hear one and this one is a scream for help.

I don’t want to write an obituary, but I am about to have to.

This sucks!

Should this person recognize themself here and want to reach out to me, I will help, that’s a promise. But I can’t make ya do it.

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What Do You Do?

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