What A Crock:

I rented “National Treasure” last night, where Nicholas Cage pretends to be Indiana Jones. Is it just me or does Hollywood just assume that everyone is a dumbass?

The most glaring error was when they went to the bell tower in the church at precisely 2:20 because they would be shown the way to the next clue. The shadow of the belltower points to brick in a wall across the way.

HELLO…you morons anyone who has completed a third grade science class could tell you that shadow will point to an entirely different place depending on what day of the year you look at it at 2:20…the earth tilts…remember? thats why we get winter and summer…

But that isn’t all…you see in the 1700s and on into the 1800s there was no standardized time here. A city official or someone would simply say, based on shadows or whatever…hey it looks like noon or one oclock or whatever and clocks would be set accordingly, so different towns were on very different times, and not because of time zones. It didnt matter much until the railroads started running…Thats when standardizing the time started

If you are going to make a movie it’s a bad idea to under estimate the intelligence of your audience…unless of course…yer making a porn movie.

OK I Can’t help Myself…What if Some of Us Had Runaway Bride Eye

Yers truly

Tim Case

Robby D

Jesse jane

OK Fifi is scary

Kid Rock



Every Now and Then I hear Something So Mean:

That even I won’t print who it’s about.

Pornchick: I was talking to my friend yesterday, she was on a Vivid set and she asked me who is this (pornstud guy)
I told her yes I know him and I don’t like him very much.
She told me “That’s a load his mother should have swallowed”

Ok THATS fucking cold.

Till Now I Have Resisted, BUT:

Ok would YOU marry this girl? (This is the infamous “Runaway Bride”)

Is that scary or what? talk about over caffeinated eyes….


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