Wankus Writes:

No Wankus credit. No KSEX credit. Hell, not even an Lesser Site credit. WTF?

Ya know sometimes I do that shit just to make Wankus bark, I knew full well I was gonna hear from him on this one….kinda like teasing Tim and Fifi’s dog bubba with a dog biscuit.

Yes she said that bit on a KSEX Show, Kylie Irelend’s KSEX show to be exact. Kylie SHOULD have called her out…but we won’t go there.

The Bimbo, Dumbass Porn Chick Moron of the Decade Goes To…Trinity Post

Ya know I was just gonna let this slide but I changed my mind in hopes that I can prevent some other dumb as fuck pornchick from making a moron out of herself.

Here’s what this dipshit had to say:

Post said she could see why they would bomb America.

“Because we’re all chauvinist pigs, whatever, shoving our faces with too much food. Whatever. It’s true. We’re cocky bastards. I can understand why other people wouldn’t like us.”

So lemme get this straight…we are “infidels” because we eat too much and that is why Islamic Fundamentalists want to kill us…

She went on to say that she likes to be choked out…which explains a lot…she is proabably just a choke out or two from being a sitting in the dirt, ant eating retard..or maybe she already is…Hell forget the maybe…

Further proof that if you don’t know what the fuck you are talking about you shouldn’t open your mouth unless it is to put a dick it…

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Wankus Writes:

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