Tyla is a Wynn-er

This is Tyla Wynn, a 20 year old hottie from Houston, TX. I met her today when she shot a solo scene today for RobbyD and she totally schmoozed me for this plug. If you want to shoot her in solo or girl/girl or maybe boy/girl contact her via Cam Smith at csmodels.net

I’m in the Air:

And lemme tell ya, air travel sucks these days, I don’t really mind the security stuff but the flight crew and the staff at Delta Airlines belong in the unemployment lines. These are the surliest bunch of people since Eastern Airlines….Hopefully Delta will suffer the same fate.

As Promised!

Yep That’s Video Teams’ own Christian Mann, who I knew had always been envious of my shirt, so I got him one!

No Protestors This Year:

Last year at InterneXt we had a few protestors, the thumper types telling us we are doomed to burn in hell cuz we like to fuck. This year there were none, I guess they decided it wasn’t worth the effort or maybe they just didn’t know cuz the local TV channels decided we weren’t news this year.

Word out to Wankus:

Dude I had a ball…you guys are a buttload of fun! KSEX Rules!

I Finally Met Chili Pimp:

After years of avoiding me at these shows I finally met the owner of lukeford.com. Tim Connelly from AVN inadvertently introduced us, truth be known after talkin to the guy, despite our prior feud I actually liked him….damn. I also know he reads my site….OK Anthony, lets do a traffic swap or something….That is what us net guys are suppossed to do when we like each other, right?

Thanks to All:

Who have invited me for drinks, dinner, lunch and whatnot while I am in Cali, I hope to get the chance to see every one of ya but if not I hope ya understand. It’s a weird feeling for me, to be headed to Cali again, Honestly, I’ve never been overly fond of the place, nothing personal, its just that the land of smog, traffic and porn politics (like AIM) have no real appeal to me.

BUT, Jesse Janre does, and Ilook forward to our date tomorrow night!

JimmyD…hit me up dude!

From The Tampa Scumbag:


I would like to address the blantant attempt to bash and slander my name and my company. It was brought to my attention this morning by Felicia, that someone on your site wrote some rather unkind words. So before passing any judgement, I ask that you read the entire email and then make a judgement.

I have been in contact with Azure Entertainment for approximately over four months now with regards to using some of their talent for an adult talk show that is to be broadcasted over digital satellite, digital cable, and the internet. Over the past four months, I have in great detail discussed our company’s plan and the type of talent we were looking for. If you will, I have sold my credentials to the two talent coordinators that work for Azure.

With regards to the meeting that this “Rob” guy wrote about, I believe there are quite a few facts that are incorrect and some that are absolute lies. I will address this guy’s entire post below.

The week before the meeting with Keiko, I spoke with Azure and they were to have sent two talents up that weekend to screen test for the roles. One of the girls was sick so they ended up cancelling and Lisa from Azure had set up another talent to screen test on Monday. However, in the mean time, the other talent coordinator at Azure decided to go ahead and book another talent for the same time that Monday. When I spoke Jodi that Monday morning, she informed me that Lisa (the other coordinator) is no longer with the company. So I was under the impression that Keiko would not be showing up since Lisa was the “agent” Rob referred to.

Keiko did arrive that day and I asked her if her agent was let go and she was clueless. I told her to find out what was going on because I wasnt going to expose my company to a company and its employees who can’t seem to handle simple means of communication and coordination. Keiko and I agreed upon a time to meet.

With regards to the meeting, this girl shows up with her boyfriend. Not a problem until Rob decides he has to sit in on the interview process. I questioned her professionalism at that very point. Instead of it being an interview for her, it was an inquisition of my credibility. Now, I have no problems answering questions regarding the job, my experience and things of the sort, for the majority of the meeting all I heard was what could I do for her. Certainly not any producer’s ideal candidate for any job. Certain things could not be discussed because I am under a non-disclosure agreement. If that was a problem for her, then do you wonder why we met for almost 5 hours?

At no point was it ever implied or even remotely suggested for her to do any video work at all. The terms of the host role was that should be selected, she would have to do some scenes that would be incorporated into the shows intro. She had the audacity to ask if she would be paid for coming up to interview for the job. What company in their right mind would pay anyone to interview for a job? BTW: the salary wasn’t $150k just for the record.

I find this part of his post quite comical. “He said in order to get the job she [K] would half to shoot a scene with him… this guy produced no paperwork on anything… we asked him, “ok how much would she get paid for the audition”… ” – Once again, at no time was scene discussed. If I remember correctly, she asked me if she would have to do any video that day and I told her she was under NO obligation until she was offered the role and had accepted. Needless to say, she wasnt offered the role. Also it was discussed how they expected to remain independent even if she was given the role so she could do whatever work she wanted to which wasn’t acceptable. Add to it a discussion about the shady people in this business and how if they felt they ever got screwed over that he would go to Mike South and “burry” someone’s name. Then this quote from his post as well, “this guy set off EVERY level of my bullshit radar”. Then please explain the need for them to meet with me for ! close to five hours

By the end of the meeting, I knew she didnt have the appeal and intelligence we were looking for in our host. Yet, I remained professional and courteous, thanked them for their time and offered to bring her back as a guest on the show once production begins. Told her I would be in touch with her by the end of the month with a decision. She happily agreed and left me with a number and told me any work I could throw her way she would be happy with.

After discussing my meeting with her “agent”, Lisa and I agreed that she wasnt the right person for the part. I am glad to say that we have casted all of the roles successfully with talent that has acted in a much more professional and less demanding manner.

After Felicia told me about this morning, I checked out your site. I figured I would be mad but frankly, its nothing more than sour grapes from a wannabe film producer and his way too young looking girlfriend. My first inclination was to contact them and arrange a meeting with them and beat the shit out the boyfriend. But what would it accomplish? So I went one better. I contacted Keiko as she was en-route to Internext. Told her I disucssed with the company and that were interested in offering her the job and if she was still interested but they were concerned that her look was too young. Care to guess what her reply was? Yeah, she was happy about it and that she can look older. Surely she did not take the chance to apologize for the slanderous bashing her asshat had done but she was quite ok with saying she still wanted the job.

Now Mike, Im not sure what kind of relationship or friendship you have with this trailer park trash, but if you are interested in the truth then you have the truth now. This has become nothing more than some trick ass chick and her boyfriend thinking they are bigger than this business and that all his years of porn retail behind a counter, or should I use her words, “her vast amount of knowledge,” trying to strong arm someone who was willing to give her a chance to make a name and make some money for her self that apparently the troll would be leeching off to start his own production company someday only to find out that myself and my company would not cave in and kiss her ass. For someone who was in the business for a year and then killed off her character because of personal problems and has only been back in this busines three weeks (according to them), she made too many demands. Now Mike, if your potential talent demands to see bank accounts, proof of sponsor’s invest! ments and things of the such, do you cave in and expose your bottom line to your talent or do you have them hit the road?

Now it is my hope that your refrence to me being a “scumbag” was because you didnt have all sides of the story. If Rob and his skank are your friends and you are just looking out for them, I can understand that to a point but to insult and criticise without all the facts is pretty irresponsible. I have not run across you yet in this business and the site looks nice. Havent checked it all out but I like what I have seen. Its good that there seems to be a site that exposes the shady producers in the business but it appears as if this time, its the talent is the asshole this time.

Feel free to post this email on your site and let your viewers see all the facts if the truth is what you are interested in.


OK, ya got yer say, from what I see Azure may have some culpability in all of this as well. And if someone told me that BMW was sponsoring some porn show…ya I’d be skeptical, ditto if they even told me Vivid, I think most girls in this biz would do quite well to do a little checking up on the promises being made. I don’t know if you requested a free audtion or not but if you did that’s the first sign of a real scumbag. At this point I’ll let the two letters speak for themselves.


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Tyla is a Wynn-er

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