This from —Noelle Hancock at the New York Observer:

A year and a half ago, some smart-aleck Yale University students got a lot of media attention for starting an underground pornography club, Porn n’ Chicken—so named for the alleged parties where participants would watch adult films and eat fried chicken—and announcing their intention to film the Ivy League’s first porno, The StaXXX, in the school’s library. That most of the thing was a big prank—The StaXXX was never made—didn’t dissuade eager showbiz executives. Comedy Central swooped down and bought the rights to the story, and filming on the network’s first original movie, Porn n’ Chicken, began in late June, with a premiere slated for this fall.

Porn n’ Chicken’s cast includes a stable of young, on-the-rise actors as well as two authentic porn stars, Ron Jeremy and Jenna Jameson. Playing the part of Yale, so to speak—the university isn’t mentioned by name in the script—is New York’s Columbia University, where the Porn n’ Chicken crew was filming on Tuesday, June 25.

“The film takes place at any Ivy League college in the U.S.A.,” Patty Newburger, Comedy Central’s vice president of films, said during a break in shooting in front of the Butler Library in Morningside Heights. “We wanted the story to speak to a large audience. We felt that, by not setting it at a specific Ivy League school, it would have broader appeal.”

Columbia’s cooperation had its limits, Ms. Newberger said. “We can’t do a nude scene at Columbia,” she said. Instead, she said Porn n’ Chicken’s skin scenes will be filmed down the street at—urk!—the Union Theological Seminary campus.

Still, said Ms. Newberger, Porn n’ Chicken is “not a movie about porn or nudity. It’s a coming-of-age film about college kids who were just about to graduate, did a prank and got in over their heads.”

One of those college kids was James Ponsoldt, Yale ’01, who was on the set this morning. Mr. Ponsoldt, who has brown hair and is of medium build, penned a treatment of the original Porn n’ Chicken screenplay, and was serving as an intern adviser on the movie. Despite Ms. Newberger’s contention that the club was a “prank,” Mr. Ponsoldt insisted much of Porn n’ Chicken was authentic.

“The appeal of the Porn n’ Chicken club was that it was purely non-academic and not pre-professional,” he said, sounding almost wistful. “It had nothing to do with classes or any other Yale-related activities. It was something fun that had nothing to do with polishing your résumé.”

After four years in New Haven, in fact, Mr. Ponsoldt had become something of a porn connoisseur. “My favorite porn is probably Debbie Does Dallas, as clichéd as that sounds,” he said. “There’s something good-natured about it as opposed to porns that are made now that have more of a malicious, misogynistic slant. Most porn now is just fulfilling a rape/gang-bang fantasy. A Stallone or Schwarzenegger film is really close to porn, in a way. Porn is about violence and exploitation.”

Given his affection for porn’s more innocent, flabby past, Mr. Ponsoldt was thrilled about Mr. Jeremy’s participation in Porn n’ Chicken. “My favorite porn star is Ron Jeremy,” Mr. Ponsoldt said affectionately, as if he were talking about Harrison Ford. “There’s an appeal to a guy who’s fat, hairy and ugly but, by virtue of pure charisma and serious girth, has created quite an empire for himself.”

And as the crew set up to film on, Mr. Ponsoldt scoffed at the suggestion that Yalies should be embarrassed by Porn n’ Chicken.

“I think there’s a lot of alumni that Yale should be quick to disassociate itself from,” Mr. Ponsoldt said. “I think a lot of assholes have come out of Yale and acquire very high political positions because of Yale. I think what they do is more harmful and offensive than anything that goes on here. Porn and its association with Yale is the least of Yale’s worries.”


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3610cookie-checkThis from —Noelle Hancock at the New York Observer:

This from —Noelle Hancock at the New York Observer:

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