Tomas Skoloudik If You’re Ethical, You Don’t Need a Half-Hour “Defense”

Yesterday Jada Kai posted a three minute video to instagram and Twitter stating that a content trade that she had done 2019 was reuploaded without her consent. She states that a couple years ago she shot with male performer Tomas Skoloudik/Tommy Wood for content for both of their personal sites but then after learning new information from an ex-girlfriend Heather Vahn that she was abused by Tomas, Jada decides she does not want her name associated with someone like that and she and Tomas come to an agreement to remove all their videos. As of a couple weeks ago, the videos that they had agreed would not be used again were reposted, Jada has taken to social media to explain her situation and has been met with performers not only supporting her but agreeing with the predatory behavior of Tomas sharing their own stories, however she has also been met with harsh opposition and denial of her and many others claims in a 13-part video made by Tomas and his current girlfriend TruKait.

Heather has done multiple interviews with provided images and testimony of said abuse for The Daily Beast and Daily Mail that were released last year March 2020. After knowing this information, Jada obviously did not feel comfortable having her name associated with Tomas and wrote to him explaining this and that she was going to remove their content from her sites and its her wish that he do the same. Although Tomas still denies all of Heather’s claims and expressed his disappointment that Jada was believing her, both parties stated in their videos that it was agreed upon at the time that the content they did together would be removed from all clip sites.


Tomas has now reposted the videos stating that back when Jada messaged him asking for the content removal he obliged because “I[he] didn’t wanna you know, make her angry so I[he] said ‘cool’ I[but he] was new in the industry and didn’t realize I[he] did have a model release”. Usually this is where it comes down to just ethics: ex: if a performer wishes that content done with another be discontinued because they don’t feel comfortable with them; however since Tomas did agree in writing that the videos would no longer be sold and they were completely removed this has changed the terms as both parties came to the agreement that that is how this would be resolved. This should be the end of the story, both parties agreed that the video wouldn’t be uploaded so it shouldn’t be…right? It took two people to consent to the videos being originally filmed, two model release forms, two people agreed that the videos would be taken down, so then why does only one person get to decide that “because they were new and didn’t want to make the other mad” is a valid excuse to go back on the agreement that both made. If Tomas and Kait had really wanted “no drama” as they claim, Tomas wouldn’t have gone back on their agreement without any note to Jada, they also state in one of their 13 videos that they have tons of backlogged content, so why go out of the way to upload an old video that a performer has told you they’re uncomfortable with and you had mutually agreed it wouldn’t be posted.

Unfortunately, as of two weeks ago Jada discovered that he had reuploaded their videos again (6 times!) despite their former agreement that they wouldn’t be sold. The videos did not tag Jada which leads her to believe that Tomas had intentionally gone behind her back to go back on their agreement in hopes that she would never see them. Jada’s three minute video stirred up a lot of discussion in the industry including a 13-part video from Tomas himself and his girlfriend Kait. Tomas and Kait’s mini defense (?) segment is a bit uncomfortable to watch and kind of all over the place to say the least (I will not be posting all 13 clips of it here but you are welcome to see for yourself).

Tomas starts with retelling how he and Jada’s content day came to be and went through all the details of the shoot including him offering to pay for her test and how at the time everything was fine (Jada never states that at the time of the shoot in September 2019 she was forced to do anything she didn’t want to) and that they shot two scenes, and he bought her lunch. Tomas then unnecessarily goes on to poke fun at her relationship with her now boyfriend Jackie Knight by excessively putting air quotes around “roommate” when talking about him as thats what Jackie and Jada defined their relationship at the time as. He seems quite upset when he says “I didn’t know at the time that Jackie wasn’t her ‘roommate’ or ‘friend’ but actually her boyfriend because she never presented him in that way”. I honestly don’t know how this relates to Jada’s complaint against him but it seems very petty and that he’s trying to find ways to make her seem untrustworthy as if she was lying to him about her relationship with Jackie at the time. If you say you respect people, respect how they label their relationships even if you don’t fully understand the dynamic, its their relationship not yours, stay on topic.
As the saga continues, Kait starts to interject more bringing up the lovely topic of consent. She goes along the classic victim-blaming mentality “You can just say no”. This is odd because this isn’t about whether Jada agreed to filming or not, this is about a breach of an agreement two consenting adults came to to solve a situation. However since Kait wants to open up the can of consent worms, well follow along with that. She claims that when male talents reach out to her (and quote: “I[she] get a lot all the time”)and she has the ability to agree or deny the advance and that doesn’t mean that they’re attacking her or being a predator. And in a simple case, yes this is how it is, however what’s extremely ironic is that both Tomas and Kait don’t take a “no” lightly.

Tomas and Kait reiterate that Tomas’s ex-Heather is crazy, untrustworthy and has threatened Tomas’s career due to her painful past relationship to Tomas that they claim she hasn’t gotten over. They say because Heather still apparently writes to Tomas begging him to “come home” that all the stories about abuse were made up. Penny Pax sends a direct link to the definition of “Stockholm Syndrome” (look you can click it too to see how much it makes sense!), which promptly gets her blocked by Kait. When talking about abuse especially from someone that the victim has been close with the abuser, one can’t simply ignore the mental damage it can do to a person.

However there are some industry who has witnessed said abuse. Producer, talent, and agent Tony Rubino posts that he heard Tomas beating Heather on the phone and saw the aftermath when she came to LA.

Numerous girls have commented on Jada’s original tweet stating that they have had negative experiences with him when telling them they didn’t want to shoot.

I have also heard from other girls who wish to not have their names shared publicly at the time that he is extremely pushy with his request. One girl told me that she ignored his original messages thinking he would just go away if she didn’t reply as thats a pretty obvious “no” I think to only have Kait try and message her to set up content. But fine, tell me maybe they just assumed the girl hadn’t seen the many original messages so that’s why Kait tried, but then seeing messages where the female performers turn down the content offers and he says he understands and then months later asks them again to shoot even though they denied him once seems a bit pushy to me.
I know these counts of his persistence happened because I saw the messages, but because these performers wish to remain anonymous I know there will be people who call it fake. So let’s look at some who’ve put it all out:
I quoted Jane Wilde above in her tweet stating that “lots of girls had a negative experience dealing with him regarding content or his attitude approaching people”, and adding in another tweet that she has personally experienced this. Kait fires back by saying she has complete access to all his accounts so she knows exactly what he says to people, so now she’s either admitted to being complacent with his behavior and/or agrees with it or maybe just doesn’t get it as she brings it back to the whole ‘it’s all about consent you can say yes or no’ although his messages have clearly shown that you can’t say “no” and be left alone. Oh irony. Anyways, Kait resorts to attempting to flip to the narrative that she just wants peace and love and essentially that she and Tomas have done no wrong, although I’m pretty sure “peace and love” don’t exist in places where people are gaslit and choices and traumatic experiences aren’t respected.

Lacy Lennon says that that Tomas blocked her after she turned down his offer to do content due to these stories she’s heard. Of course Kait had to reply to her too speaking from a mighty high horse.

So the question has to be asked (thank you Ms Vickie) why is Kait fighting tooth and nail, going after other performers for an issue that wasn’t addressed to her in the first place. Sure, she’s his girlfriend but at what point and how many people does it take to come forward for you to stop and make it not about you anymore. Either way, she’s made an open invite to sue both of them.

But birds of a feather stay together, even if its just a circle jerk of praise that they’re doing everything right and its everyone else who’s in the wrong. As Alexis Tae points out “his gf [Kait] approaches women similarly to how he did she’s as much in the wrong as him”
It should be noted also that in early March, Alexis tweeted this out:

Nobody was named at the time, but as she now tweets in a similar manner on Jada’s post it could be inferred that this is who she was talking about. One fan makes this connection, the reply from the original asked “He’s gross”…lol

Pornhub commented on Jada’s twitter post stating that they “take these claims very seriously” will be removing Tomas’s reuploaded videos.

Alana Evans, president of APAG (Adult Performance Artists Guild) also replied “We absolutely stand against this kind of behavior. The adult industry does not support this”.

Tomas keeps going back to that because Jada signed the original model release and that they talked AVN that that revokes the most recent agreement that their content would not be used. Kait is at the wrong party and is victim blaming saying “just because he doesn’t abuse me, harass everyone, and people still shoot with them that anyone who has had a different experience is bs” and has to bring up again: “I[she] has male talent reaching out to me[her] every day to shoot, and if I’m[she’s] interested I[she] says yes and if not I[she] say no. it’s not that hard to communicate with people.”, however she’s not taking into account that yeah people who actually want to shoot with them won’t feel harassed and be happy to shoot with them and have a good time because they want to do content and therefore will say “Yes” to the shoot, the people who feel harassed are the ones who say no and then get pressured by both, you guys don’t make it easy to say no and then insinuate people are liars.

Bottom line, this isn’t Jada accusing another of rape or assault or having trouble with consent at the time as Kait is making it seem; she’s not confused with what she wants as they try and make her seem, her three minute video was very straight to the point. This is about the breaking of an mutual agreement to remove and not sell the clips made after the videos were shot when Jada was presented with new information and did not want to be associated with someone who has abuse allegations. This is about the relentless defending of predatory behavior and trying to gaslight other performers who are coming with personal evidence of misconduct from you. Don’t make a 13-part hypocritical video saying you only want the best for people and its all peace and love and no cattiness or drama while ignoring the Jada’s original reason for bringing this up by trying to re-write the narrative that “she just should’ve said no” and attacking anyone else who is trying to support her or share their own story.

Tomas Skoloudik and TruKait have shown their TruColors in the industry and how they feel about:

  1. Abuse: it’s fake because the victim apparently still contacts the abuser, no mind to any sort of mental conditions/damages done from said abuse
  2. “He doesn’t do it to me so he’s never done it to anyone else” (alt:) “Other people have enjoyed shooting with us so everyone who hasn’t is lying”
  3. Consent: “its so easy to just be a mature adult and communicate yes or no” they claim until girls actually say no

She isn’t just posting this for attention or because “she cannot be wrong in front of everyone…to make people afraid of him so you don’t look bad” -Kait. Jada is posting this so other girls don’t have to go through what she has had to and something that is a big concern for performers in this industry: working with a predator and/or abuser. One performer has read this thread with the many testimonies supporting the theme of his abusive and predatory nature and realizes that she worked with him without knowing any of this. This is not fair at all, performers should not have to worry about or blame themselves for working with people who clearly don’t belong in the industry.

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Tomas Skoloudik If You’re Ethical, You Don’t Need a Half-Hour “Defense”

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  1. Please. Find me someone who doesn’t support an abuser in porn. It’s an industry BUILT on and by abusers. Two of the biggest dilettantes and hypocrites in porn, Siri and Angela White, directly support and are supported by abusers. Like Manuel Ferrara and Ryan Madison. I actually read a review of the Angela/Manuel “crying” scene where the reviewer gushed over how caring and sensitive Manuel was, and that’s why the scene was so good for Angela, bla bla bla. He beats the shit out of women on screen and leaves them in hysterics, forces himself on women who say no, and forced his wife to stop performing because of what a jealous bitch he is. And the wool is pulled over the eyes of “reviewers”.

  2. It’s not just reviewers that have the wool pulled over the eyes of reviewers, it’s also pulled over talents eyes as well. Like you said cayman cider it’s the hypocrite people that directly support abusers and predators are the reason why they won’t and will not be stopped. Certain adult stars say we should listen to them, but they clearly don’t listen to each other, Cause Tasha Reign got black listed for speaking out about a predator. But then you have people like Riley Reid complain bout her social media platforms getting shut down, yet she has no problem defending or working with a predator that said for verbatim in a blog post with an a half naked underage girl “if statutory rape is wrong I don’t want to be right.” I commend Lacy Lennon for saying that, but deep down it’s not going to do anything in the business.

  3. He is far worse than what these poor girls are saying, Others have some dam near-death experience stories, Its Like an ID channel Bonnie and Clyde partnership crime story.

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