They Must Be Throwing Snowballs in Hell:

Yep, tomorrow I leave for Los Angeles until Saturday, I will chronicle my trip here of course. The purpose of this trip is either

A: I am Jesse Jane’s date for the Premiere of her Digital Playground Movie “Beat The Devil”


B: I am the butt of a very evil practical joke.

I have enlisted the services of one Jason Curious to be sure that I am appropriately attired for this shindig.

KSEX RADIO will Never be the Same:

Yep I’m a guest on my pals Tim and Felicia Foxes show tomorrow afternoon. hit KSEX for the details


There will be more Internext stuff later today including a photo of Video Team’s Christian Mann wearing a 100% Negro T shirt…LOL I’m serious

Strange Bedfellows Indeed:

I have a lot to write about InterneXt including pictures, but this one ain’t gonna wait. yesterday I attended a legal seminar, at the end of it the floor was opened to discussion about the proposition of a .xxx domain. Now I had been getting some tips about this and I will lay out the pros, the cons and the involvement of the Free Speech Coalition here.

After getting some good 411 that this issue was gonna be floated and that it is actually before the Free Speech Coalition for thier support I wanted to know how they felt about it. I floated a trial balloon with Bill Lyon, much to my surprise he was leaning AGAINST the idea, this was to my surprise because I had it on really good authority that the FSC would recieve a substantial “donation” from every URL sold with the .xxx top level domain, something that could potentially be worth millions. Bill Margold also indicated that he was likely to be against the idea.

There was a guy from one of the Registries there pushing the idea really hard, there was an obvious “plant” in the audience from ICANN who was monitoring our thoughts on the issue. a .XXX top level domain would bring in millions of dollars of revenue, no doubt about it and they all smelled money, including some associated with the FSC.

On the panel were Bill Lyon, Attorney Joe Obenberger, the Registry guy, Attorney Greg Piconelli, and 2 other legal beagles, in thier opening statements Bill Lyon and Joe Obenberger expressed doubts about the idea, the other attorneys claimed they were sitting on the fence. BULLSHIT! A Lawyer is NEVER on the fence, specially not these guys, these are high priced first amendment guys. I decided to try and flush them out.

They made their opening statements, the gist of which were predictable, if all adult sites eventually migrated to a .XXX TLD (Top Level Domain) then it would be easier to limit the access of children to them ( It’s always about saving the children…they didn’t propose how to keep them from getting porn in Kazaa…) They said it would also put us all together so that we could be more “united”

The cons were that it would “Ghetto-ize” the adult websites, and that it would make us easier targets for the feds.

I brought up up the fact that we had been fighting “zoning laws” for years and asked the entire assembly why we would want to voluntarily zone ourselves into the governments total control, I looked at the lawyers and proclaimed that I thought the idea was “STUPID”. I’m sure it sounded insensitive to some in attendance but it accomplished what I wanted it to, immediately the lawyers who claimed to be sitting on the fence took to defending the idea…BINGO, now I knew who was for it and who wasn’t.

The same first amendment lawyers who were claiming to fight the good fight every day against the Imperial federal Government were now proclaiming that they didn’t think the feds would use it against us that we all banded together, and they that would never try to legislate the .xxx TLD in any way…Ya right!

I also pointed out that what would there be to stop individual states from attempting to legislate us out of existence, for example My state Georgia, what would stop Georgia Legislators from passing a law prohibiting ISPs in Georgia from carrying the .xxx domains? They could only say that would never happen, while sitting smugly and knowing that their entire existance hinges on making money by fighting OFF these kinds of legal attacks.

Then I dropped the bombshell, I asked Bill Lyon if the FSC stood to benefit DIRECTLY from the support that they give this idea. He danced around the issue just a little, but he did in fact, admit that the FSC would get a direct “renumeration” in return for the support of this idea, he also stated that the money was not his first and foremost concern, that the desires of the adult webmasters and what is best for the industry as a whole were his foremost concerns. And I believe him, remember he was never adamant in his support for this idea, he seemed NOT to like it and even thought he was trying to be impartial to some degree I think he actually took sides in the end.

The poor registry guy was sitting there quietly and letting the lawyers do all the talking, even though the idea was his, he was clearly out of his league in trying to defend it.

In the end, after everyone asked questions and the heated debate wrapped up a vote was taken the results follow:

For the .XXX TLD about 5%

Against the .XXX TLD about 87%

Undecided about 8%

I am pleased to announce that the Executive Director of the Free Speech Coalition, William Lyon, has come out against the idea, even though his organization The Free Speech Coalition stands to get a LOT of money if they support it. He isn’t selling us out, It’s rare that I praise the Free Speech Coalition or anyone in it, and I don’t know what they will ultimately do, some of them smell big piles of money, but Mr. Lyon is not one of them and for that I publicly applaud him.



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They Must Be Throwing Snowballs in Hell:

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